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Creator: Mark Hamstra (markh)

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About ClientConfig

ClientConfig gives your client a user-friendly interface for making site wide changes, while you as the administrator set up the different options available to the end-user. **New in ClientConfig 2.0: [context-aware settings](!** Possible uses include: - Regularly update a slogan or tag-line in header or footer - Change call-to-action button colors based on the season - Keep contact details updated in one central location - Update the email-address a form sends notifications to. - Manage theme/style settings [Please report bugs and request features on Github]( Happy with ClientConfig? [Please consider making a donation](


October 24, 2019
Supported Versions
2.5 – Current
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New in ClientConfig 2.3.0

ClientConfig 2.3.0-pl :: 2019-10-24

  • Add icon to the menu item (when moved to the top navigation) [#175]
  • Make placeholders available for inherited fenom templates [#173, #174]
  • Make textarea fields bigger and automatically growing with the content [#172]
  • Allow a hash in the url containing the ID of a group to automatically open to that tab [#169]
  • Add a line/divider field type to create simple sections [#149]
  • Add a code field type (requires Ace editor) for things like custom CSS or other markup [#144]
  • Add an email field type which validates the value to be an email address [#65]
  • Include OnHandleRequest plugin event (alongside OnMODXInit), to make ClientConfig play nicer with various context routing and other solutions that don't use OnMODXInit [#140]
  • Add separate "Save" and "Save and close" buttons to the setting window [#135]

ClientConfig 2.2.0-pl :: 2019-08-19

  • Fix media source path being included for empty values [#152]
  • When context values are empty, it will now fall back to the global value

    ClientConfig 2.1.0-pl :: 2018-12-05

    • Update menu to no longer rely on modAction, instead using namespace routing [#158, #139]
    • Fix image/file fields not refreshing when switching context [#147, #155]
    • Adjust plugin to accept both OnMODXInit and OnHandleRequest so you can change the event it runs on, if needed [#140]
    • Prevent events (i.e., priority) from being overwritten on upgrade [#148]

    ClientConfig 2.0.0-pl :: 2018-06-26

    • Don't add duplicate to the key when duplicating a setting [#142]
    • Updated German [#141], Russian [#145] and Dutch translations

    ClientConfig 2.0.0-rc1 :: 2017-10-04

    • ClientConfig can now (optionally) manage settings for different contexts [#4/#112]
    • Media fields (image/file) now prefix the media source url [#124]
    • Allow snippet/chunk tags in options for the dropdown field [#104]
    • Updated minimum requirements to PHP 5.5.0 and MODX 2.5.2.
    • Added separate clientconfig.categories lexicon for the vertical tabs interface [#91]

    ClientConfig 1.4.2-pl :: 2017-07-22

    • Restore PHP 5.3 compatibility in creating settings. Note: next release will require 5.5+!
    • Fix issue saving settings on certain environments due to missing value for source [#129]
    • Fix incorrect header/container alignment in both manager pages [#128]
    • Fix (unused) namespace assets path (on new installs) [#126]

    ClientConfig 1.4.1-pl :: 2017-02-01

    • Fix bug where the new source dropdown does not appear for image field types

    ClientConfig 1.4.0-pl :: 2017-01-31

    • Fix loading of TinyMCE RTE, causing it to be initialised without configuration [#122]
    • Add ClientConfigConfigChange event to be able of hooking into configuration changes [#117]
    • Change plugin event from OnHandleRequest to OnMODXInit [#87, #109, #115]
    • Enable inline editing in the admin component [#94, #95, #114]
    • Fix field-required errors not being shown by adding a popup
    • Accept 0 as valid required value on the number input [#119]
    • Add a Password input type [#105]
    • Add a File input type [#36]
    • Don't show "Error adding field" errors during installation/upgrade [#92]
    • Fix loading RTE if the field key contains a dot [#89]
    • Add CMD/CTRL + S shortcut for saving the configuration [#80]
    • Preserve linebreaks when editing a setting in the admin section by using a textarea for the value [#69]
    • Relicense under the MIT license instead of GPL [#67]
    • Allow specifying a media source for the image input type [#66]

    ClientConfig 1.3.2-pl :: 2015-12-09

    • Update French translation
    • Make sure image field uses the MODX default media source
    • Respect managerdateformat and managertimeformat settings

    ClientConfig 1.3.1-pl :: 2014-07-20

    • Update Dutch translation
    • More weird border fixes
    • Minor fix to when borders are added, specifically for 2.2.

    ClientConfig v1.3.0 :: July 19th, 2014

    • #27 Ability to import/export groups and settings
    • #16 Auto-select first group when adding a setting
    • #15 Force admins to create a group before creating a setting, as settings need groups
    • #76 Fix issue where unchecking a checkbox would fail if the setting was required
    • #78 Make the isrequired column show Yes/No instead of true/false
    • #60 Get rid of an extra border
    • #75 Update help link to point to

    ClientConfig v1.2.1 :: January 7th, 2014

    • #57 Add Google Font input type (Thanks @garryn)
    • #63 Fix issue loading more than one rich text field

    ClientConfig v1.2.0 :: August 16th, 2013 ( / November 14th, 2013 (

    • #38 Add setting (verticaltabs) to allow stacking groups vertically instead of horizontal tabs
    • #46 Add ability to duplicate a setting
    • #45 Show field options field when editing a select box setting.
    • #54 Add Rich Text input type.
    • Improved width consistency of input items.
    • #37 Added input type Image (thanks COEX!)
    • #3 Fix/add colorpicker input type (thanks COEX!)

    ClientConfig v1.1.2 :: March 7th, 2012

    • Add/update translations: Russian (thx @Alroniks!), German (thx @enigmatic-user!), Swedish (thx @fractalwolfe!) and Dutch.
    • #47 Show field descriptions under the fields. (Thanks @fractalwolfe!)
    • #40 Add placeholder tooltips with the for admins. (Thanks @fractalwolfe!)

    ClientConfig v1.1.1 :: December 31st, 2012

    • #35 Don't strip out tags when saving values.
    • #39 Increase database field max sizes for longer descriptions and values.
    • #33 Make sure to show message when no tabs are to be shown.
    • #34 Prevent EWARNING when there are no settings configured.

    ClientConfig v1.1.0 :: December 16th, 2012

    • #26 Add ability to manually sort Settings within a Group
    • #25 Add ability to manually sort Groups
    • #21 Add Filter on Group for settings.
    • #24 Remember last visited tab in both admin and client view.
    • #22 Add "Help!" button on Admin panel linking to RTFM instructions.
    • Improve checking if key exists on updating a setting.
    • #30 Fix bug with incorrectly checking cgSetting.isrequired checkbox
    • Make controller a tad more portable.

    ClientConfig v1.0.0 :: December 9th, 2012

    Initial release.


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