controlErrorLog 1.3.0-pl

controlErrorLog 1.3.0-pl

Released Oct 13, 2018 by sergant210

This Extra adds new features:

- ability to control the error log and to view it in a popup window.

- email notification about changes in the error log. Every time when users load any page controlErrorLog checks the error log for changes. If they exist the notification will be sent to the specified email.

Download 51kb (1303 downloads)
Downloads: 7,342
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.3.x or greater
Supports mysql

Now you will not miss any errors. If the log is too large you will see a certain number of the last lines you have specified in the system setting "Last lines" (thanks Bob Ray for the idea). By default, 15.

System settings

last_lines - Displays the specified number of last lines when the error log is too large to display.

auto_refresh - Check the state of the error log with the specified frequency.

refresh_freq - Error log refresh frequency in seconds. By default, set to 60 seconds.

control_frontend - If true the email notification is activated. Must be specified the admin email.

admin_email - Admin email to notify about changes in the error log. If empty the notification would not work.

Cron task

Use the script core/components/controlerrorlog/cron/checkerrorlog.php to check the error log for new errors.

Important! The error indicator in the manager interface is displayed only for administrators (sudo) and users with permission "error_log_view".

See details on Github.

Installation Instructions

Install via Package Management



- Added the ability to control copies of the error log.



- Moved the "Make a copy"  button to the left.



- Added a button "Make a copy" which makes a copy of the error log with current timestamp in the name.

- Changed the admin notification event from "OnHandleRequest" to "OnWebPageComplete".



- Fixed bug which occurs when the error log is bigger then allowed memory size [#14].



- Code optimization.

- Added cron script for checking the error log (core/components/controlerrorlog/cron/checkerrorlog.php).



- Updated the Dutch lexicon.



- Added control of the error log in the frontend of the site and admin notification.



- Fixed bug with lexicon strings with some CMPs (#6)



- Fixed the bug #5.



- Now the error log is checked for errors every minute (by default). It can be switched off.

- Add a system setting "Last lines".

- Add a system setting "Refresh frequency".

- Add a system setting "Auto refresh".

- Some improvements - now the window closes with animation, refreshing the error log on opening the window.



- Removed the table creation script.



- Changed the appearance of the error indicator (Icons instead of text).

- Now the error indicator is displayed only for users with permission "error_log_view".

- Removed "Error Log" button.

-  Added language support for Dutch.


- Initial release

Version Released Author Downloads
9 Versions 1 Contributors 7,347 Downloads
1.2.1-pl Feb, 09 2018 sergant210 1,918
1.2.0-pl Dec, 25 2017 sergant210 365
1.1.3-pl Jun, 30 2017 sergant210 1,066
1.1.2-pl Dec, 11 2016 sergant210 959
1.1.1-pl Apr, 20 2016 sergant210 738
1.1.0-pl Apr, 01 2016 sergant210 205
1.0.5-pl Jul, 31 2015 sergant210 588
1.0.0-pl Jul, 28 2015 sergant210 205