csv2html 0.3.0-final

csv2html 0.3.0-final

Released Oct 20, 2009 by jako
0.3.2: There was a bug in the snippet code - csv files in 'assets/...' were not found.
0.3.1: There was a small bug in parsecsv.lib.php - some conditions were not found.

&csv - csv file - integer: MODx docId
- begins with http: url
- begins with assets: relative to MODx base_path
- otherwise absolute server path
&tplOuter - outer template | defaults to table layout | use [+wrapper+] for content
&tplHeading - heading template | defaults to table heading | use empty string to disable
&tplContent - heading template | defaults to table heading | use [+fieldname+] for every field
&heading - use first line/entry of csv as field names | defaults to true
&conditions - basic SQL-like conditions for row matching
Keywords: 'equals', 'is', 'is not', 'is less than', is greater than',
'is less than or equals', 'is greater than or equals',
'contains', 'does not contain'
&sortBy = sort entries by this field
&sortDir = asc or desc | defaults to asc
&offset = number of rows to ignore from beginning of csv data
&limit = limits the number of returned csv rows to specified amount | defaults to 10;
&fields = override field names | comma separated list - useful if csv does not contains field names;
&phx = use PHx in template chunks

This version is deprecated. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Download 2309kb (247 downloads)
Downloads: 1,054
License: MIT
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Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql
Parse and display a csv file (as a table by default). Uses PHx for custom template chunks.

Installation Instructions

Upload the csv2html folder to your assets folder. Paste csv2html.php.txt to a new Snippet called csv2html.
Version Released Author Downloads
2 Versions 1 Contributors 1,054 Downloads
0.3.2-final Oct, 27 2009 Jako 807