CustomRequest 1.2.6-pl

CustomRequest 1.2.6-pl

Released Jun 13, 2016 by jako

Use friendly URLs everywhere in the frontend.

Download 57kb (277 downloads)
Downloads: 2,088
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.3.x or greater
Supports mysql

CustomRequest is an effective routing plugin for MODX Revolution to map pretty but not found URLs to a MODX resource and set the request parameters by separating the URI path at the URI separators or by a regular expression.

As standard option the first characters of the not found URI will be compared with the alias value of each config entry. If found, this config entry is used. The alias path is stripped from the not found URI and the remaining string is used to set the request parameters.

As a second option, the alias value of a config entry could contain a valid regular expression and the not found URI will be matched with that expression. If matched, this config entry is used. The first subpattern part of the expression is stripped from the found pattern and the remaining  string is used to identify the resource where the user is forwarded to later. At least the found pattern is removed from the not found URI and the remaining string is used to set the request parameters.

For full details and some example configurations see the documentation.

This project is hosted on GitHub:

Installation Instructions

MODX Package Management.

  • Automatic urldecode of the remaining URL parameter part

Version Released Author Downloads
15 Versions 1 Contributors 2,094 Downloads
1.2.5-pl May, 19 2016 jako 111
1.2.4-pl Feb, 04 2016 jako 133
1.2.3-pl Jan, 27 2016 jako 68
1.2.2-pl Jan, 19 2016 jako 93
1.2.1-pl Jan, 13 2016 jako 80
1.2.0-pl Jan, 11 2016 jako 79
1.1.4-pl Sep, 10 2015 jako 165
1.1.3-pl Apr, 18 2015 jako 178
1.1.2-pl Mar, 10 2015 jako 100
1.1.1-pl Mar, 03 2015 jako 93
1.0.3-pl Jan, 29 2015 jako 95
1.0.2-pl May, 27 2014 jako 232
1.0.1-pl Oct, 27 2013 jako 228
1.0.0-pl Jun, 09 2013 jako 162