deviceDetection 1.0.0-beta2

deviceDetection 1.0.0-beta2

Released Aug 31, 2016 by steeve

deviceDetection comes with two snippets.

The first (deviceDetection) is a very small extra that will help you to show or hide part of code like snippet, chunk, HTML, CSS or anything you want to.The second will return 0 or 1 from the methods available from Mobile Detect (178 methods).

It's based on MobileDetect (

MobileDetect is a lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices (including tablets). It uses the User-Agent string combined with specific HTTP headers to detect the mobile environment.

Mobile Detect informations :Developers: Serban Ghita, Nick Ilyin.Original author: Victor Stanciu. Logo created by Dragos Gavrila.

Download 63kb (490 downloads)
Downloads: 490
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Compatible up to Revolution 2.5.x
Supports mysql

This version come with another snippet to test this :

isMobile, isTablet, isiPhone, isBlackBerry, isHTC, isNexus, isDell, isMotorola, isSamsung, isLG, isSony, isAsus, isMicromax, isPalm, isVertu, isPantech, isFly, isWiko, isiMobile, isSimValley, isWolfgang, isAlcatel, isNintendo, isAmoi, isINQ, isGenericPhone, isiPad, isNexusTablet, isSamsungTablet, isKindle, isSurfaceTablet, isHPTablet, isAsusTablet, isBlackBerryTablet, isHTCtablet, isMotorolaTablet, isNookTablet, isAcerTablet, isToshibaTablet, isLGTablet, isFujitsuTablet, isPrestigioTablet, isLenovoTablet, isDellTablet, isYarvikTablet, isMedionTablet, isArnovaTablet, isIntensoTablet, isIRUTablet, isMegafonTablet, isEbodaTablet, isAllViewTablet, isArchosTablet, isAinolTablet, isSonyTablet, isPhilipsTablet, isCubeTablet, isCobyTablet, isMIDTablet, isMSITablet, isSMiTTablet, isRockChipTablet, isFlyTablet, isbqTablet, isHuaweiTablet, isNecTablet, isPantechTablet, isBronchoTablet, isVersusTablet, isZyncTablet, isPositivoTablet, isNabiTablet, isKoboTablet, isDanewTablet, isTexetTablet, isPlaystationTablet, isTrekstorTablet, isPyleAudioTablet, isAdvanTablet, isDanyTechTablet, isGalapadTablet, isMicromaxTablet, isKarbonnTablet, isAllFineTablet, isPROSCANTablet, isYONESTablet, isChangJiaTablet, isGUTablet, isPointOfViewTablet, isOvermaxTablet, isHCLTablet, isDPSTablet, isVistureTablet, isCrestaTablet, isMediatekTablet, isConcordeTablet, isGoCleverTablet, isModecomTablet, isVoninoTablet, isECSTablet, isStorexTablet, isVodafoneTablet, isEssentielBTablet, isRossMoorTablet, isiMobileTablet, isTolinoTablet, isAudioSonicTablet, isAMPETablet, isSkkTablet, isTecnoTablet, isJXDTablet, isiJoyTablet, isFX2Tablet, isXoroTablet, isViewsonicTablet, isOdysTablet, isCaptivaTablet, isIconbitTablet, isTeclastTablet, isOndaTablet, isJaytechTablet, isBlaupunktTablet, isDigmaTablet, isEvolioTablet, isLavaTablet, isAocTablet, isMpmanTablet, isCelkonTablet, isWolderTablet, isMiTablet, isNibiruTablet, isNexoTablet, isLeaderTablet, isUbislateTablet, isPocketBookTablet, isKocasoTablet, isHudl, isTelstraTablet, isGenericTablet, isAndroidOS, isBlackBerryOS, isPalmOS, isSymbianOS, isWindowsMobileOS, isWindowsPhoneOS, isiOS, isMeeGoOS, isMaemoOS, isJavaOS, iswebOS, isbadaOS, isBREWOS, isChrome, isDolfin, isOpera, isSkyfire, isIE, isFirefox, isBolt, isTeaShark, isBlazer, isSafari, isTizen, isUCBrowser, isbaiduboxapp, isbaidubrowser, isDiigoBrowser, isPuffin, isMercury, isObigoBrowser, isNetFront, isGenericBrowser, isPaleMoon, isiphone, isIphone, istablet, isIOS, isWhateverYouWan

Installation Instructions

Always call this snippet uncached!