Digital Product for Commerce 1.2.0-pl

Digital Product for Commerce 1.2.0-pl

Released Mar 15, 2019 by tonyklapatch

Sell files and resources with Digital Product for Commerce. Requires modmore's Commerce to use. Be sure to read the docs on Github.

Download 49kb (7 downloads)
Downloads: 163
License: MIT
Requires Revolution 2.6.x or greater
Supports mysql

Make products with download limits, expirations, and more for selling digital products with modmore's Commerce. Supports resources and file downloads as well a custom download methods.

Installation Instructions

  • Enable the module in Commerce -> Configuration -> Modules
  • Create your delivery type using the digital product shipment type.
  • Create products by selecting the product type and delivery type in the product window.
  • Read the github readme for more information about setup and configuration.


    • Fix tables not being created during installation
    • Now using the EVENT_ORDER_PAYMENT_RECEIVED event to add Digital products to a user instead of on the ThankYou page (enables usage of non-instant payment methods)
    • Checkout placeholders now set to tell which items in the cart are digital for theming


  • Move custom product fields to shipment (can use your own custom product)
  • Add getUserFiles method on service class for future snippet
  • Fix 0 download limit not giving unlimited downloads
  • Use new empty option for user group SelectField (requires Commerce 0.11.4 or higher)
  • Fix download method lexicon
  • v1.0.0

    • Initial content

    Version Released Author Downloads
    3 Versions 1 Contributors 162 Downloads
    1.1.0-pl Dec, 20 2018 tonyklapatch 59
    1.0.0-pl Jul, 30 2018 tonyklapatch 96