DirectResize 0.8.0

DirectResize 0.8.0

Released Jan 10, 2008 by metaller
Fully customizable plugin with a number of functions like: automatic thumbnails creation, watermarking (text or transparent PNG), using config files to set plugin parameters, big images openning with AJAX (lightbox, slimbox, highslide...), fully templateable output, thumbnails for WYSIWYG-editor etc.

This version of the plugin is based on idea and developments of Arnaud, the author of previous versions of the DirectResize. Download 286kb (6287 downloads)
Downloads: 6,280
License: GPL - GNU Public
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Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql
Its like Maxigallery but for single images.

Installation Instructions

First release on forum (look for some tips and problems solution),19236.0.html

* Possible to integrate any javascript display mode: Slidebox, Lightbox v2.0, Slimbox, Highslide etc
* Watermarking (text or transparent PNG)
* Plugin settings in the config file with a big number of plugin parameters
* Fully templateable output
* Using plugin to show a remote images
* Special preview for WYSIWYG-editor
* Creation of thumbnails with cropping
* New images will be generated if it is needed, in other cases they will be taken from the cache
* Support for JPG and PNG files (GIF is not currently supported)

How it works
First of all this plugin is intended for using with the WYSIWYG-editor and the target audience of plugin users is the clients who doesn?t have any knowledges in web-development and HTML and who needs to use images in the text with thumbnails. It would be rather uneasy to explain such man that firstly it is necessary to create the reduced copy of the image, then to insert it into the document through the WYSIWYG-editor and after it to make a hyperlink to the big image.

So the actions have been simpified to the minimum ? when the big image is inserted to the text and the sizes of the thumbnail are established the plugin will create automatically the thumbnail with needed hyperlinks.

Also while the opening of a document that has such images the thumbnails will be displayed with a special watermark in the WYSIWYG-editor instead of the big images. This watermark speaks conditionally that the given image is not small image only but it is a hyperlink to the big image and it allows to tell the difference between such images and the really small images that can be in the document.

If the sizes of the thumbnails is changed then in the next using of the plugin will be created new thumbnails in compliance with new sizes.

Of course you can use the plugin without the WYSIWYG-editor simply when you insert the image as HTML-code or TV.

Quick start
1. Install the plugin (see installation and plugin configuration in readme), make sure that there is drgalleries subfolder in assets folder with write permissions.
2. Set one of the standart configuration in plugin configuration tab - slimbox, slidebox, lightboxv2, highslide
3. Make sure that the source image files are located in a folder assets/images or its subfolders
4. To force the plug to create thumbs and open images with selected effect, it's mandatory to set width and/or height for img tags equal width and height of thumbnail. I.e. for image <img src="assets/images/image.jpg" width="120" height="60" /> will be genereated thumbnail with sizes 120x60. Naturally, the original image.jpg must exceed 120x60 size (otherwise there is no point in creating preview).

* Fix with using $thumb_default_sizemode = 4 (override image size settings) and drthumbonly label
+ Quick start section added to readme, some other changes in documentation
* Fix with thumbs in TinyMCE visual mode
* Fix - lost labels after editing in visual mode
+ trim whitespaces after removing labels (only one space deleted before or after label)