Ditto Evo 2.1.0

Ditto Evo 2.1.0

Released Feb 23, 2008 by
Ditto takes advantage of an external class, language files to work with multi-language installs, and uses templates extensively for the ultimate in output formatting flexibility and control. And while it has more than 40 configurable parameters in it's current implementation, you only need for great results (although telling it explicitly where to start probably wouldn't hurt).

Amongst the many cool things under Ditto's able and refined domain:
  • Tagging
  • &mode parameter can disable sanity checks on variables and increase speed for production sites.
  • JSON format for AJAX applications
  • Access individual posts in templates via placeholders (replacing ' # ' with actual integers).
  • Stop guessing with non-abbreviated parameter names in CamelCase convention.
  • Updated documentation and full parameter and placeholder lists.
  • xHTML Strict month-based archive output which uses templates for formatting.
  • Extensive sorting and filtering based on TVs
  • And the obligatory, "much, much, much more..."

Ditto Version control and software project management provided by CVSDude
Download 78kb (11761 downloads)
Downloads: 50,773
License: GPL - GNU Public
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Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql
Aggregates documents to create blogs, article/news collections, and more,with full support for templating.

Installation Instructions

See the install.txt file included with the distribution


Take a look at the release announcement here:
Version Released Author Downloads
3 Versions 2 Contributors 24,514 Downloads
1.0.2 Jul, 10 2006 Mark 9,511
1.0.1 Jun, 23 2006 Mark 3,251