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** 1.4.0-Beta 3 **

+ ONLY support UTF-8 filenames/folders. Other than that should stay at Easy 2 Gallery 1.3.5.

+ Fixed small bug in pagination calculation, again...

+ Introducing additional parameters:

--+ &slideshow : simple (more type of slideshow will be added soon)

----+ &ss_w - slideshow width box, default = 400 (in px)

----+ &ss_h - slideshow height box, default = 300 (in px)

----+ &ss_bg - box background color, default = white

----+ &ss_allowedratio - allowed width/height ratio of image dimension inside slideshow box, default 0.75(&ss_w/&ss_h) - 1.25(&ss_w/&ss_h).


'minimumfloatnumber-maximumfloatnumber', eg: 1.0-2.0

'none' - disable this ratio, all landscape/portrait images will be shown

----+ &ss_limit - limit number of images for the slideshow, default NULL.

More images mean slower page loading.

+ Invalid characters checking

+ Numbering on duplication

+ Additional tab inside module: Comments Manager

+ Introducing additional parameters:

--+ &resize_type : inner | shrink | resize

--+ &thbg_red (Red in RGB background color)

--+ &thbg_green (Green in RGB background color)

--+ &thbg_blue (Blue in RGB background color)

+ All textarea now supports TinyMCE

+ Directory database now includes Description.

+ Comment system now has IP Address ignoring

--> when you're ignoring an IP Address, comment hyperlink will be hidden from the specified IP Address

+ Fixed the SQL upgrade code

+ Now you can have multi IDs, for &fid, &gid, &rgid

+ Introducing some parameters:

--+ &showonly : images | folders

--+ $customgetparams (for nesting with other snippets)

+ Directory & images share same pagination

+ English libraries, except lightwindow (author's site is dead)

+ Broken down Module into classes and templates, will be very useful for further development of any additional PHP functions or Module's interface.

+ See the help page

+ Libraries arguments now have been merged in one file only: includes/config.libs.easy2gallery.php


1. file's/folder's name will not be renamed again

2. the original folder's & file's names restoration in the upgrading installation process

3. each of folders will have index.html (Unautorized Direct Access to folder), each time of directory creation or each time synchro action finds a folder doesn't have index.html.

4. as #3, this time synchro will exclude index.html, index.htm, index.php, Thumbs.db for the database synchronization.

5. editing directory name will also rename the real folder's name.

6. change the default installation language.

7. add output buffering to avoid PHP's memory limit.

8. add natural sort order of gallery's list


1. Now with PHP classes.

2. Directories and files are now sharing the same Grid and Pagination. The &limit parameter applies as the joined result.

3. Comment with email validation.


1. English

under old.* files, still need to be done:

2. Russian

3. Spanish ( credit: redstormj (Jose R. Lopez) )

4. Dutch ( credit: DNA )


April 15, 2010
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