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About Easy 2 Gallery

See the HELP tab inside the module for the complete instruction.

Features of module:

  1. Creation and editing of folders with unlimited nesting capabilities
  2. Image or zip package uploading via POST method.
  3. Synchronisation of gallery with files and folders uploaded via FTP.
  4. Editing of image info
  5. Comments moderation.

Snippet features:

  1. Image viewing.
  2. Comments viewing and adding
  3. High customisation capabilities with templates and placeholders.
  4. Breadcrumbs
  5. Pagination
  6. Integrated javascript display modes: colorbox, highslide, fancybox, floatbox,shadowbox,slimbox and lightwindow
  7. Possible to display random image or single image
  8. Possible to sort pictures and folders
  9. Slideshows:
    • - Simple
    • - Galleriffic
    • - SmoothGallery
    • - GalleryView
    • - ContentFlow


Change logs:

********** 1.4.0-Release Candidate 4 **********

+ Bug fixing on the chmod permissions

+ Bug fixing on the directory editing

+ Moving around the class methods into separate files.

+ Added French lang files (credit: Marc)

+ Thumbnails on module page

+ Added more options for the thumbnail generator

+ Created a new method to hold the slideshow variables

+ Sliced the snippet's pagination to be shorter

+ Changed the &crumbs_use option values: 'foldername' => 'cat_name' | 'alias' => 'cat_alias'

+ Renamed the file's 'name' field to be 'alias' to distinct the term with filename

+ New parameters :  

  • + For manual templates:
    • + &glib=`0`           : will disable all the gallery's headers loading.      
    • + &autoload_css=`0`   : will disable the gallery's CSS headers loading.      
    • + &autoload_js=`0`    : will disable the gallery's JS headers loading.      
    • + &autoload_html=`0`  : will disable the gallery's HTML block headers loading.  
  • + &use_redirect_link:     The thumbnails (directories or images) now can be redirected to a specified link that has been set from inside Module.     Empty content will make the links fall back to the original E2G's link.

+ Deprecated parameters :  

- &pagenum_class     Specified the class directly on the template  

- &back_class     Specified the class directly on the template

+ Fixed issue on the joining parameters (&gid and &fid) in one snippet call.

+ Updated the floatbox to 4.20 version


November 8, 2010
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