[Plugin] EditArea 0.5.2-pl

[Plugin] EditArea 0.5.2-pl

Released Mar 18, 2010 by pixelchutes
Download consists of EditArea Installer: edit_area plugin content + license, plugin code, and README for instructions. Open README if unsure where to begin.It works on IE 6+, and, Firefox 1.5+, Safari 3+, Chrome, Opera 9+. More information available in the Browser Compatibility ChartTo view a live example, click here.Or view the attached screen shots!New! Featuring an easy to use installer based on the MODx Evolution installer! Check out the new Plugin configuration -- Did you know that you can now save directly from EditArea using either the toolbar save icon, or the CTRL+S hotkey? Download 462kb (6426 downloads)
Downloads: 19,729
License: LGPL
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Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql

Updates to Plugin / Installer:
- EA Save Button + 'CTRL + S' hotkey now working in Internet Explorer again (Updated EditArea MODx JavaScript plugin)
- Improved language support (added missing .JS files causing bloated error logs)
- Added Russian language support to plugin (thx MarSoft)
- Removed unnecessary checks during Install process (e.g. no longer requires config.inc.php to be writable, etc... thx MarSoft)
- Added missing "Text" syntax highlighting definition files (thx JUSI)
- Enabled the Syntax Selection list plugin by default (thx JUSI)
...now you can change your syntax highlighting definition on-the-fly! Support for Text, JavaScript, CSS, XML/HTML, and PHP within MODx! (NOTE: syntax default is driven by content-type. For chunks with CSS or JavaScript, they unfortunately will default to HTML, although it's easy to change and the bulk of chunks is generally HTML anyway)

Installation Instructions

Simply export into your site's MODx base directory and browse to http://yourdomain.com/install to begin!

Version Released Author Downloads
10 Versions 2 Contributors 19,754 Downloads
0.5.1-ga Aug, 11 2009 pixelchutes 1,394
0.4.0 Jul, 08 2009 pixelchutes & Gildas 2,915
0.3.2 May, 22 2007 pixelchutes & Gildas 1,781
0.3.1 Apr, 02 2007 pixelchutes & Gildas 1,292
0.3.6 Feb, 25 2007 pixelchutes & Gildas 1,776
0.2.6 Jan, 24 2007 pixelchutes & Gildas 1,186
0.2.6 Jan, 11 2007 pixelchutes 1,082
0.2.6 Jan, 06 2007 pixelchutes 1,101
0.5.0-beta Jan, 01 2000 pixelchutes 830