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By Mike Reid (pixelchutes)

Updates to Plugin / Installer: - EA Save Button + 'CTRL + S' hotkey now working in Internet Explorer again (Updated EditArea MODx JavaScript plugin) - Improved language support (added missing .JS files causing bloated error logs) - Added Russian language support to plugin (thx MarSoft) - Removed unnecessary checks during Install process (e.g. no longer requires config.inc.php to be writable, etc... thx MarSoft) - Added missing "Text" syntax highlighting definition files (thx JUSI) - Enabled the Syntax Selection list plugin by default (thx JUSI) ...now you can change your syntax highlighting definition on-the-fly! Support for Text, JavaScript, CSS, XML/HTML, and PHP within MODx! (NOTE: syntax default is driven by content-type. For chunks with CSS or JavaScript, they unfortunately will default to HTML, although it's easy to change and the bulk of chunks is generally HTML anyway)

Mike Reid

New in [Plugin] EditArea 0.5.2

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December 31, 1969
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