[Plugin] EditArea 0.5.0-beta

[Plugin] EditArea 0.5.0-beta

Released Jan 01, 2000 by pixelchutes
Download consists of EditArea Installer: edit_area plugin content + license, plugin code, and README for instructions. Open README if unsure where to begin.It works on IE 6+, and, Firefox 1.5+, Safari 3+, Chrome, Opera 9+. More information available in the Browser Compatibility ChartTo view a live example, click here.Or view the attached screen shots!New! Featuring an easy to use installer based on the MODx Evolution installer! Check out the new Plugin configuration -- Did you know that you can now save directly from EditArea using either the toolbar save icon, or the CTRL+S hotkey? Download 315kb (771 downloads)
Downloads: 18,994
License: LGPL
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Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql
Download consists of edit_area plugin content + license, plugin code, and README for instructions. Open README if unsure where to begin.

It works on IE 6 through 8, Firefox 1.5 through 3, Chrome 1 & 2, Safari 3, 3.1, and 4, Opera 9 & 9.5, plus Camino 1.2. More information available in the Browser Compatibility Chart

To view a live example, click here.

Or view this screen shot:

Updated! Check out the new Plugin configuration options

Did you know that you can now save directly from EditArea using either the toolbar save icon, or the CTRL+S hotkey while EditArea is focused, and now Word Wrap is enabled by default!

Installation Instructions

1. Install EditArea files:

Extract the downloaded archive and move the "edit_area" folder in to "assets/plugins/"

If needed, chmod 755 for folders and chmod 644 for *.*

2. Create a new plugin (or edit if already exists):

Title: EditArea
Description: 0.5.0 - Allows text formatting, search and replace and real-time syntax highlighting

Code : Copy the code from "assets/plugins/edit_area/editarea.plugin.tpl" that was inside the archive.

3. Copy and Paste ALL of the following into "Plugin configuration" on the Configuration tab:

&eadbg=Debug Enabled?;list;true,false;false &word_wrap=Word Wrap Enabled?;list;true,false;true &font_size=Font Size;list;8,9,10,11,12;9 &defaultHeight=Initialize editor height;list;300px,400px,500px,600px,700px;500px &min_height=Minimum editor height;list;200,300,400;400 &start_highlight=Initialize with highlighting enabled?;list;true,false;true &allow_toggle=Allow editor toggling?;list;true,false;true &allow_resize=Allow editor resizing?;list;y,n;y &fullscreen=Initialize editor in fullscreen mode?;list;true,false;false &replace_tab_with_spaces=Replace tab with spaces?;list;// No,/* Yes */;/* Yes */ &tab_as_spaces=How many spaces per tab?;list;3,4,5;4 &plugins=Active Plugins;string;modx &catchunload=Try/Catch on Unload?;list;yes,no;yes

3a. If you want to add support for the PHP compressor, you need to append this to the "Plugin configuration":

&compressor=PHP Compressor Enabled?;list;0,1;0

4. Select one or more system events from this list on the System Events tab:

OnChunkFormRender (chunk editor - html highlighting)
OnDocFormRender (Document editor if you are not using an RTE - html highlighting)
OnModFormRender (module editor - php highlighting)
OnPluginFormRender (plugin editor - php highlighting)
OnSnipFormRender (Snippet editor - php highlighting)
OnTempFormRender (template editor - html highlighting)

EditArea Plugin Code:

Open "assets/plugins/edit_area/editarea.plugin.tpl" from the download (don't forget the README!)

- 0.5.0 Introduces Word Wrap support, improved cross-browser support, code size reduction, and new licensing options, not to mention various bug fixes

- This plugin utilizes "Plugin Configuration Parameters." Please ensure that you accurately Copy & Paste the parameters from the README.txt Installation section for this Plugin to work correctly. Have fun, and Enjoy!


[pixelchutes - 0.5.0 - 4/11/2009] Updated edit_area core files to the complete package (0.8.0 branch => 0.5.0), including documentation and examples

[pixelchutes - 0.5.0 - 4/11/2009] Enabled Word Wrap support (by default)

[pixelchutes - 0.5.0 - 4/11/2009] Confirmed new highlight functionality for Mac/Win Firefox (Improved contrast for text selections)

[pixelchutes - 0.5.0 - 4/11/2009] Updated documentation, bugs, and history files to prepare for repository release.

[From C.Dolivet's EditArea Changelog]

**** v 0.8 ****

- Word-wrap is now supported (except for opera...). The new init() option is 'word_wrap' to set to 'true' (default is false). A new button appears in the default toolbar (button_code: 'word_wrap' )

- We can now clearly see the selected text

- Add Internet explorer 8 support (but sadly I must use IE7 emulate mode in iframe due to a bug with tabulation width not beeing resized in IE's textarea)

- Add Safari 4 support

- Add Chrome 2 support

- Better support of Opera 9.6

- Add Simplified Chinese translation "zh" (thanks to Abentian)

- Add Bulgariane translation "bg" (thanks to Valentin Hristov)

- Rename internal function $() by _$()

- Delete EditArea.add_event() method (duplicate af editAreaLoader.add_event() method)

- Do some code cleanup-up

- Bug fix: highlight optimisation process was not working under IE (don't known how long it remain broken but must be since a long time)

- Bug fix: EditArea.update_size sometimes uses undefined variable (fix this possibility and cleanup events)

- Bug fix: Template.html was not valid XHTML

- Bug fix: The checked attribute of the toogle button was not defined in xhtml syntax

- Bug fix: If the editArea was loaded on a page related to a domain which was itself an iframe comming from another domain a JS error was thrown on load

- Bug fix: When EditArea is used to replace a textarea which has style="visibility:hidden;", switching off EditArea would throw an error under IE
Version Released Author Downloads
10 Versions 2 Contributors 19,019 Downloads
0.5.2-pl Mar, 18 2010 pixelchutes 6,184
0.5.1-ga Aug, 11 2009 pixelchutes 1,346
0.4.0 Jul, 08 2009 pixelchutes & Gildas 2,851
0.3.2 May, 22 2007 pixelchutes & Gildas 1,722
0.3.1 Apr, 02 2007 pixelchutes & Gildas 1,242
0.3.6 Feb, 25 2007 pixelchutes & Gildas 1,722
0.2.6 Jan, 24 2007 pixelchutes & Gildas 1,118
0.2.6 Jan, 11 2007 pixelchutes 1,024
0.2.6 Jan, 06 2007 pixelchutes 1,040