eForm 1.4.6-pl

eForm 1.4.6-pl

Released Jun 27, 2014 by tobyl

eForm is a highly flexible form parser which allows you to easily build forms and send the results to one or more email addresses. The main features are:

  • Form validation using powerful validation rules
  • Custom validation messages and css classes
  • Easily extended using comprehensive event structure
  • Protection of hidden fields against tampering
  • Captcha support
  • Supports html email with attachments
  • Flexible report & page generation using placeholders
  • Notification to mobile devices
  • auto-respond email
  • Support for CC and BCC fields
  • Extendable using eform events
  • Some protection against mail injection
  • Time limited protection against multiple submits

Download 119kb (2796 downloads)
Downloads: 38,406
License: GPL - GNU Public
Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql

A very flexible and extendible form parsing snippet that will let you create web forms which can be sent via email to recipients you specify or can be used to process form values whichever way you like via it's comprehensive event structure.

Installation Instructions

  • Unzip the downloaded zip file into the assets/snippet/ folder. You should now have an extra folder called eform.
  • Create a new snippet, name it eForm and copy and paste the content of the eform.snippet.tpl file
  • Read eform/docs/eform.htm and the examples
  • Drop the eForm snippet into page and add parameters as you require

  • Added &errorTpl parameter.
  • Added &errorRequiredTpl parameter.
  • Added &errorRequiredSeparator parameter.

Version Released Author Downloads
8 Versions 2 Contributors 38,430 Downloads
1.4.3 Feb, 19 2009 TobyL 17,304
1.4.4 Jan, 14 2009 TobyL 6,936
1.4.4 Aug, 14 2008 TobyL 2,772
1.4.2 Dec, 10 2006 TobyL 2,869
1.4.1 Oct, 31 2006 TobyL 2,117
1.4.0 Oct, 18 2006 TobyL 1,963
1.3.0 Sep, 28 2006 TobyL 1,674