Elasticsearch 0.2.0-dev

Elasticsearch 0.2.0-dev

Released Sep 03, 2018 by tonyklapatch

In development, requires additional setup. Read the instructions for details.

Elasticsearch plugin for MODX. View documentation here.

Download 596kb (55 downloads)
Downloads: 84
License: MIT
Requires Revolution 2.6.x or greater
Supports mysql

In development Elasticsearch plugin for MODX, not recommended for production use or the casual user yet.

Can be used to index resources with their TVs on save or in a custom snippet. Includes basic search form. Features CMP to view all available Elasticsearch indices with their name and health (must add menu item for a=index&namespace=elasticsearch).

Request features, view the roadmap, and report bugs here.

Installation Instructions

Before installing, make sure you have an instance of Elasticsearch running somewhere, whether on your local machine or a foreign node that's accessible by your server.

  • Install and configure Elasticsearch. Make sure it is accessible by your web server.
  • Download and install the transport package.
  • Configure the system settings elasticsearch.hosts (JSON of Elasticsearch instances) and elasticsearch.resource_index (the Elasticsearch index resources will be indexed to). Optionally, create a mapping to allow Elasticsearch to better understand your content.
  • Save a resource, it should now be indexed if everything connected successfully. Check your error log if the resource did not appear in your Elasticsearch index.
  • - Added index events to control what gets indexed

    - Added search events to control what gets searched for

    - Improved search form

    - Better error handling

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    3 Versions 1 Contributors 84 Downloads
    0.1.1-dev Sep, 01 2018 tonyklapatch 12
    0.1.0-dev Aug, 30 2018 tonyklapatch 17