Elfsight Contact Form 1.0.0-pl

Elfsight Contact Form 1.0.0-pl

Released Feb 12, 2018 by elfsight

ModX Contact extra is a simple and easy-to-use form module for those who want to get more leads and feedback from their websites. Just install it to contact or any other page of your website to stay in touch with your potential customers 24/7.

Try live demo: https://elfsight.com/contact-form-widget/modx/

Our Contact Form also can be installed as a floating message button, which will follow the scroll of your visitors and encourage them to contact you at any moment. This button is especially convenient for those who browse your site from mobile devices and they can start a message in responsive contact form in just one touch.


  • Increase your lead generation;
  • Get more feedback from your customers;
  • Protect your mail form spam.


Our Form Extra is extremely easy to install and it doesn’t require coding skills. Yet it’s reach in one-click-available features, which will help you in your business needs.

  • A minimum set of fields to send a feedback: name, email, phone, and message;
  • Hide the fields you don’t like to show;
  • Set your own field labels;
  • Specify a placeholder for any field, for example to demonstrate the required format;
  • Choose the fields to make required;
  • 2 predefined layouts: inline to be added to the page body, and floating to follow your visitor’s scroll;
  • Order the fields in the form the way you like;
  • Horizontal layout is set automatically adjusting to the width of your form;
  • Works and looks perfectly on mobile devices;
  • Seamless design which suits 99% sites out of the box;
  • 5 visual field styles included: classic, flat, material, classic rounded, flat rounded;
  • Set any form width;
  • Set the title above the form;
  • Place any text you need before the form;
  • Pin a picture, a logo or a photo over your form;
  • Editable Submit button label;
  • Set a text to accompany  successful submission of the message;
  • All data entered to the form is saved in progress;
  • Google reCAPTCHA is here to give your form protection from spam and bots.

The Contact Form extra is provided by Elfsight Apps

Elfsight Apps is a cloud-based service that features apps to extend and diversify your website functionality (for instance, Instagram Feed, YouTube Gallery, Social Icons and others).

This module acts as a bridge between your site and Elfsight Apps Service, connecting the two together. It takes the widget you’ve configured at Elfsight Apps and displays it right on your website. If you don’t have an Elfsight Apps account, setting it up is totally free, and only takes you about a minute.

Still haven’t checked our widgets live? See more ModX plugins by Elfsight for your website.

How to add Contact Form to ModX website?

This extra is unbelievably easy to install. After downloading the extra zip, you need to install it on your website, create and configure a widget, and copy-paste its code into any page or your website template.

Free installation service

Our Support Team will be happy to install the extra for you, or to answer any questions that might come up. Contact us at apps@elfsight.com, and we’ll be happy to help!

Download 33kb (226 downloads)
Downloads: 226
License: GPLv3
Requires Revolution 2.3.x or greater
Compatible up to Revolution 2.5.x
Supports mysql,sqlsrv


Extra: Contact Form


Version: 1.0.0

Installation Instructions

Install via Package Management.