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By Elfsight (elfsight)

Elfsight Calendar for ModX is a powerful widget allowing you easily share your activities with your audience. It features plenty of opportunities for demonstrating upcoming Event the most showy way. Personalize it to merge the design with your site’s styling. Form unlimited amount of events, add different tags, upload your custom pictures and videos, and keep users informed about your projects.


Higher audience engagement

Users view the whole range of your activities and study all the details in the popup that devotes to the bigger engagement level

More event participants

Considering interactive interface and CTAs it’s simpler to engage more guests to your event

Better and faster UX

With categories division and all the event data shown at once visitors will be delighted to find what they are looking for and return sooner


Display your timetable

By means of our Event Calendar you can announce any type of event in a click. Keep your audience updated about your activities using one of our pre-made templates or form your custom variant. Manage your Event swiftly using our uncomplicated configurator, adding locations, hosts, messages and more.

More future visitors of your event

In case you don’t want to clutter up the interface with features you can hide them and your users will see all the data in the popup. The popup shows all the necessary information on the upcoming event: the date, the place, the map and sharing options. There’s also a possibility to add any event from our calendar to one of your prefered apps: Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook or any other tool. Accurate information on dates and place encourages your audience to attend events.

Construct and arrange any type of event easily

With our Events Calendar you will manage to display all the activities in a viewy way just in a few clicks. You are free to establish various types of activities - one day or multiday, mark locations to make it easier for users to identify the place and add data on hosts. And don’t forget about tags for greater user convenience.

Present Event depending on your intention

We offer four layout options so you can be sure your tool will look faultlessly on the page. You can build a Grid, display a carousel with the help of Slider, show your activities one by one using the List, or take Masonry and organize your Event in optimal position depending on available vertical space.

This ModX Calendar Widget is provided by Elfsight Apps

Elfsight Apps is a cloud-based service that features apps to extend and diversify your website functionality (for instance, Instagram Feed, YouTube Gallery, Social Icons and others).

This widget acts as a bridge between your website and Elfsight Apps Service, connecting the two together. Then it takes the widget you’ve configured at Elfsight Apps and displays it right on your website.

If you don’t have an Elfsight Apps account yet, setting it up is totally free, and it only takes you about a minute.

How to Add Event Calendar to ModX website

  • Acquire the widget and integrate it to the page Enter Event Calendar page, choose «Download», to launch downloading. After that, in ModX administrator panel, go to the «Extras» section and add widget to the site.
  • Create your unique widget In «Extras» tab, find Event Calendar and go to customizing its design and functions. Get the individual code from the popup notification. Copy the code.
  • Demonstrate the widget on your store In the «Content» tab, go to the area you wish to place the plugin to and insert the saved code there.
  • The integrating is successful! Open your site, to see your results!
  • Support

    In case you experience any problems with the ModX Events widget or have questions to ask, do not hesitate to address our customer support. We are always here to help!

    Free installation service

    Our Customer Help Team will be glad to help you with the setup or integrate the widget for you. We are looking forward to your inquiries at apps@elfsight. Com, and we’ll be pleased to assist!

    Haven’t yet tried our tool live? Start just now on the [Event Calendar page](https://elfsight.com/event-calendar-widget/)!


    New in Elfsight Event Calendar 1.0.0




    February 12, 2020
    Supported Versions
    2.3 – 2.7

    Previous Versions


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