EmailResource 1.2.2-pl

EmailResource 1.2.2-pl

Released May 11, 2017 by bobray

Allows you to email a complete version of any resource on your site with inline CSS.

Download 58kb (282 downloads)
Downloads: 2,779
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.0.x or greater
Supports mysql,sqlsrv

EMails an HTML version of any resource with inline CSS code based on your CSS in files, resources, or chunks. The plugin is attached to the OnWebPagePrerender System Event and acts when the resource is previewed from the Manager.

Bulk emailing of the resource is now supported, as is tag-based sending, which can be used in conjunction with the Subscribe package.

This extra would not exist without the generous support of WorkDay Media

Installation Instructions

Install with Package Manager

See the tutorial here:

EmailResource 1.2.2-pl-----------------------------------

  • Ignore email: and tel: hrefs when creating fullUrls

EmailResource 1.2.1-pl----------------------------------

  • Fix reliability issues with fullUrls
EmailResource 1.2.0-pl----------------------------------
  • Fixes E_NOTICE bug with TVs
  • Allows users to manage User Group Membership (using Subscribe)
  • Sends Unsubscribe link in every email
EmailResource 1.1.3-pl----------------------------------
  • Sends multi-part email
  • Fixed bug with install on moved core
  • Fixed bug with install when no lang file for manager_language
  • Added Russian translation
EmailResource 1.1.2-rc2------------------------------------
  • Fixed bug with persisting TV values
EmailResource 1.1.2-rc1------------------------------------
  • Implemented bulk email sending
  • Implemented tag-based sending
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Code cleanup
EmailResource 1.1.1-------------------------------
  • Fixed issues with full URLs
  • Changed to getIterator()
EmailResource 1.1.0------------------------------
  • Complete OOP refactoring
  • Does Bulk email
  • Logs Bulk Email sends
  • More efficient queries
  • Numerous bug fixes
EmailResource 1.0.3-------------------------------
  • Crude Bulk email support
  • Fix for img attributes
EmailResource 1.0.2-------------------------------
  • Full URLs for images and links
EmailResource 1.0.1-------------------------------
  • Added sanity checks
  • Added Plugin properties
  • Internationalized property and TV descriptions
  • Improved package install reliability

Version Released Author Downloads
6 Versions 1 Contributors 2,784 Downloads
1.2.1-pl Apr, 07 2017 bobray 100
1.1.3-pl Sep, 26 2012 bobray 1,335
1.1.2-rc2 Mar, 21 2012 bobray 385
1.1.2-rc1 Mar, 19 2012 bobray 258
1.0.2-beta1 Aug, 27 2011 bobray 424