emo 1.8.1-pl

emo 1.8.1-pl

Released Oct 03, 2018 by jako

E-Mail Obfuscation with Javascript.

Download 36kb (257 downloads)
Downloads: 3,593
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.5.x or greater
Supports mysql

This plugin replaces all plaintext emails and email links with span elements. Then the email addresses are encrypted and stored in javascript variables. Javascript decryption routines are triggered by the browser on 'window.onload' event and replace the span elements with the real email addresses.

The plugin does not modify adresses inside form tags. So posted and not validated forms do not break. If the 'No javascript' message setting contains a number, a link to a MODX resource with that ID is generated. This could i.e. point to a resouce with a contact form.

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Bugtracker and hotfixes on GitHub

Installation Instructions

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See README.md on GitHub for further instructions.

  • Bugfix for not installed assets/components files

Version Released Author Downloads
11 Versions 1 Contributors 3,600 Downloads
1.8.0-pl Nov, 20 2017 jako 565
1.7.2-pl Nov, 17 2016 jako 537
1.7.1-pl Oct, 28 2016 jako 151
1.7.0-pl Aug, 31 2016 jako 235
1.6.1-pl Aug, 16 2016 jako 178
1.6.0-pl Feb, 28 2016 jako 307
1.5.4-pl Jan, 19 2016 jako 205
1.5.2-pl Feb, 27 2015 jako 469
1.5.1-pl Feb, 18 2015 jako 208
1.5.0-pl Oct, 28 2013 jako 488