Facebook Feed 0.2.7-beta

Facebook Feed 0.2.7-beta

Released Mar 29, 2017 by jan_salem

This piece of Software will allow you to add a Facebook Feed from one of your Facebook pages to your site. It is great for companies that want to update clients using the Facebook page, but do not want an ugly Facebook widget on their page.

Please report any errors or feature requests on https://github.com/749/modx_facebook_feed/issues


  • Tested with ModX 2.5.1
  • Needs PHP 5.4 or newer (Facebook API)

Download 180kb (1 downloads)
Downloads: 226
License: GPLv3
Requires Revolution 2.4.x or greater
Supports mysql

  • Major bugs in version 0.2.6

Installation Instructions

  • Create a Facebook app using the Facebook for Developers pagehttps://developers.facebook.com/apps
  • Note down both the AppID and the App Secret
  • Install the package using the ModX package managerDuring the installation you will be asked to provide the ID and Secret of your Facebook app
  • Use the Facebook Feed manager page to request a valid access token from facebook
  • You will need the id of the page you want to display. Try http://findmyfbid.com to find to correct id of your page
  • Use the provided snippet to display a Feed on your page [[!FB_Feed? &page=`` &limit=`6`]]
  • Version 0.2.7-beta

    • Fixed bug in the call to the facebook API
    • Removed unnecessary code to get video information
    • Improved documentation on Github
    • Added Field with permalink to FB postshttps://github.com/749/modx_facebook_feed/issues/11

    Version 0.2.2beta

    • Fixed a bug where error message would get through to the snippet see https://github.com/749/modx_facebook_feed/issues/1

    Version 0.2.1beta

  • basic functionality working
  • added a way to request a client Token from the manager
  • Version Released Author Downloads
    5 Versions 1 Contributors 226 Downloads
    0.2.6-beta Mar, 29 2017 jan_salem 0
    0.2.3-beta Feb, 23 2017 jan_salem 42
    0.2.2-beta Feb, 03 2017 jan_salem 45
    0.2.1-beta Oct, 25 2016 jan_salem 138