FAQ Manager 2.0.0-rc1

FAQ Manager 2.0.0-rc1

Released Dec 14, 2018 by josht

Lets you add/remove and sort your FAQ's from within the Revo manager.

This version is deprecated. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Download 88kb (28 downloads)
Downloads: 6,049
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.3.x or greater
Supports mysql

Lets you add/remove and sort your FAQ's from within the Revo manager.

New and improved (but mostly unchanged.)

We're living in the future now. Using the latest in fancy, OOP processors, we can continue handling all of your FAQ needs through the MODX manager.

But wait, that's not all! Buttons are buttons again and line heights don't look like a T-rex walked through the expandable question grid.

Installation Instructions

Install using this fancy package manager!

Creating your first FAQs

After installing the package, you will find the FAQ Manager in the Components-Menu.

Before adding your first question, you need to create an FAQ set. After doing so, right click on the set to "Manage FAQ set".

Here you can add as many question/answer-pairs as you like.

The button in the upper-right corner brings you back to the set overview.

For more info and to report any problems, please visit the Github repository for this extra.


  • Update to use class-based processors
  • Edit FAQ Sets in-line on the grid
  • FAQ Set's can now be sorted in the manager
  • Cleanup manager page styles

Version Released Author Downloads
12 Versions 1 Contributors 5,642 Downloads
2.0.0-rc3 Feb, 20 2019 josht 16
2.0.0-rc2 Dec, 18 2018 josht 129
1.3.0-pl Nov, 22 2018 josht 71
1.2.1-pl Feb, 18 2016 josht 1,019
1.2.0-pl Nov, 22 2015 josht 287
1.1.0-pl Dec, 24 2013 josht 1,312
1.0.6-pl Oct, 29 2011 josht 1,383
1.0.5-pl1 Oct, 19 2011 josht 221
1.0.4-rc2 Mar, 01 2011 josht 597
1.0.2-beta1 Jan, 17 2011 josht 299
1.0.1-beta1 Jan, 13 2011 josht 280