FAQ with ask form 1.0-pl1

FAQ with ask form 1.0-pl1

Released Jan 23, 2012 by fabricasaitov

Snippets and chunks to implement FAQ module that allows users create a question which will be queued for an 'expert' to answer.It use Formit for creating ask form.

Download 135kb (1589 downloads)
Downloads: 1,586
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.1.x or greater
Compatible up to Revolution 2.1.x
Supports mysql
Snippet FaqHook create subresource with question in introtext and answer in content.

Can use premoderate mode or postmoderate. 

Also can used for billboard, responses, guestbook.

Installation Instructions

1) Create container resource "FAQ page" with content[[$FaqForm]]<div id="faq">[[!getPage?&amp;elementClass=`modSnippet`&amp;element=`getResources`&amp;parents=`[[*id]]`&amp;limit=`20`&amp;pageVarKey=`page`&amp;includeTVs=`1`&amp;processTVs=`1`&amp;includeContent=`1`&amp;tpl=`FaqTpl`&amp;hideContainers =`1`&amp;depth=`0`&amp;sortby=`menuindex`&amp;sortdir=`ASC` ]]</div><p>[[!+page.nav]]</p>Where: [[$FaqForm]] - form chunk, limit=`20` - questions on page, tpl=`FaqTpl` - template for question block2) Modify snippet FaqHook'parent'    => 53, //id for parent resourse (FAQ page id)'published' => 0,  //0 - premoderate mode, 1 - autopublish3) Modify chunks FaqForm and FaqTplFaqForm - ask formFaqTpl - block for published questions