FiveStarRating 1.0.2-beta

FiveStarRating 1.0.2-beta

Released Sep 12, 2017 by alexmal

FiveStarRating - simple rating system with five stars for resources.

Download 76kb (404 downloads)
Downloads: 530
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.3.x or greater
Supports mysql
A five star rating system for resources MODX Revolution.Designed for not authorized users, i.e. the guests. Protection against cheatingis based on IP and LocalStorage. Disable security on IP performs by setting thesystem parameter simplerating_ip value "No".How to use:1. For the current resource[[!SimpleRating]]2. For the specified resource[[!SimpleRating? &id=`3`]]3. With an essential design[[!SimpleRating? &tpl=`tplSimpleRating1`]]

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Changelog for FiveStarRating.1.0.2-beta==============- Fix stars.png- COOKIE is replaced by LocalStorage- Added parameter id (to get the rating of any of the specified resource)- Fixed default.js for dynamically loaded resources1.0.1-beta==============- Not counted by IP when you turn off COOKIE- Correct set COOKIE for main page1.0.0-beta==============- Initial release

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3 Versions 1 Contributors 530 Downloads
1.0.1-beta Aug, 22 2017 alexmal 74
1.0.0-beta Aug, 15 2017 alexmal 52