Flexibility 4

Creator: Menno Pietersen (designfromwithin)

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About Flexibility 4

Flexibility 4

Responsive MODX Revolution template based on Foundation 4 from ZURB.

Quickstart projects by creating a fully working MODX Revolution website, based on the Foundation 4 framework from ZURB, with just one package!

ATTENTION: While it should be possible to install Flexibility 4 in excisting MODX websites, I strongly advice you to use a fresh installation of MODX.

Flexibility 4 installs and creates: 

navigation, search, blog, image gallery, contact form, templates, template variables, page templates, translations and much more!


September 18, 2013
Supported Versions
2.2 – 2.3
Supported Database
MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

New in Flexibility 4 1.1.3

Changelog for Flexibility

flexibility4-1.1.3-pl.transport (18 january 2014)

  • General updates

flexibility4-1.1.1-pl.transport (25 september 2013)

  • Updated and improved contact form (thanks to ModX-Flexibility-test via GitHub Flexibility4Issues)
  • Added a theme option to settings (soon available for sale)

flexibility4-1.1.0-rc.transport (21 september 2013)

  • Added lexicons
  • Added OpenGrapProtocol met tags and TV options for pages
  • Tested updating

flexibility4-1.0.9-rc.transport (18 september 2013)

  • Added working contact page and contact settings
  • Flexibility 4 now available as a MODX package om

flexibility4-1.0.8-rc.transport (14 september 2013)

  • 100% rebuild, tested and improved!
  • Current features: homepage, slider, image gallery, search, template variables, site settings, responsive images (phpThumbsUp), update and uninstall

flexibility4-1.0.7-rc.transport (6 august 2013)

  • Updated the sub-package installation

flexibility4-1.0.6-rc.transport (5 august 2013)

  • Added settings to manager

flexibility4-1.0.5-rc.transport (27 juli 2013)

  • Added contact for using FormIt
  • Sidebar option added on homepage, contact and basic page template
  • Set image slider to 'no' for default

flexibility4-1.0.4-rc.transport (24 juli 2013)

  • Fixed 'unable to update flex-4-logo system setting bug' (thanks to: acidic - and Allan Brooke -
  • Removed Page title to Foundation 4 top bar navigation (don't like this actually)
  • Added Open Graph Protocol ( meta tags in header, added the the Template Varibale SEO options for it
  • Updated readme
  • Added orbit slider to homepage, included PictureFill responsive images ( and optional slide content
  • Added Image gallery template using Galley plugin (, Magnific Popup (

flexibility4-1.0.3-rc.transport (23 juli 2013)

  • Added Page title to Foundation 4 top bar navigation
  • Replaced ckeditor with Tiny MCE, linked CSS styles and added button style selectors to Tiny MCE
  • Updated readme

flexibility4-1.0.2-rc.transport (23 juli 2013)

  • Added working Foundation 4 top bar navigation ( + navigation option
  • Under system settings > (filter for 'flexibility4') > 'Use Foundation top bar for main navigation' you can select wich type of navigation you want

flexibility4-1.0.0-rc.transport (22 juli 2013)

  • 100% rebuilt using Bob Ray's MyComponent 3.1.1-pl
  • Seperated template content and core files, seperate package with demo content available soon

flexibility4-0.0.2-rc.transport (22 march 2013)

  • Fixed TV's not being assigned to templates (Thanks Jörg Lippmann @donalbain_de)
  • Removed the Sidebar TV from the page without sidebar
  • Added ios-orientationchange-fix.js (Thanks @PgnFrsh)

flexibility4-0.0.1-rc.transport (21 march 2013)

  • Huge update to v4!
  • Updates without losing content
  • Removed the installation of default resources (this is not the 'MODX way')
  • Lexicons added
  • Articles added
  • MIGX slider items added
  • Gallery added
  • Search improved
  • Google sitemap added
  • Version X added
  • Ace added
  • Replaced Tiny MCE with ckeditor
  • Client Config added (needs to be configured)
  • PHPthunbsUp added and used in the image gallery
  • Responsive lightbox added
  • Added page templates with left and right sidebar

flexibility-3.0.6-rc.transport (18 januari 2013)

  • Added a mobile input navigation for smaller screens
  • The full template should now be faster and more streamlined

............... LEFT OUT OLD STUFF ......................

flexibility-2.0.1-beta.transport (13 december 2011)

  • First version online!


Current Releases

September 18, 2013
2.2 – 2.3
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