Flexibility 4 1.1.3-pl

Flexibility 4 1.1.3-pl

Released Sep 18, 2013 by designfromwithin

Flexibility 4 - Fully functional MODX Revolution website.

Create a fully working responsive MODX Revolution website with just one package! Flexibility 4 includes: navigation, search, blog, image gallery, contact form, templates, template variables, page templates, translations and much more!

This package is meant to be used once to quick-start MODX website projects. It will install a lot of things and provide a nice responsive MODX website based on the Foundation 4 framework from ZURB.

Official site: http://themesmodx.com/themes/flexibility-4.html

Issues and feedback: https://github.com/DESIGNfromWITHIN/Flexibility4Issues

Download 3134kb (1847 downloads)
Downloads: 4,808
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Compatible up to Revolution 2.3.x
Supports mysql,sqlsrv

Flexibility 4


Responsive MODX Revolution template based on Foundation 4 from ZURB.

Quickstart projects by creating a fully working MODX Revolution website, based on the Foundation 4 framework from ZURB, with just one package!

ATTENTION: While it should be possible to install Flexibility 4 in excisting MODX websites, I strongly advice you to use a fresh installation of MODX.

Flexibility 4 installs and creates: 

navigation, search, blog, image gallery, contact form, templates, template variables, page templates, translations and much more!

Installation Instructions


If you change or edit any Chunk, Snippet, Template Variable or Plugin that was included in the Flexibility package, please rename it! Or it will be overwritten on any future updates.

Any needed packages (like Wayfinder) will be installed automatically by the Flexibility package. You will be able to update and edit any sub-packages at a later date.


"Flexibility 4" is a HTML5/CSS3/jQuery based frontend MODX Revolution template based on the "Foundation 4" (http://foundation.zurb.com/). With this package you will have a fully functional website with a dropdown nav, contact form, slider and a image gallery.

"Flexibility 4" is designed and coded by Menno Pietersen Portfolio & blog: DESIGNfromWITHIN http://designfromwithin.com Twitter: MennoPP https://twitter.com/MennoPP


  • Install MODX Revolution on your website.
  • Download the package and upload the "flexibility4-x.x.x-x.transport.zip" file to "/core/packages/" (You only need the transport.zip file, do not unzip it yourself)
  • Install the "Flexibility 4" package: Go to "System" > "Package Management" > "Add New Package" > "Search Locally for Packages" > "Yes".
  • (to be sure clear your cache > "Site" > "Clear Cache")

    • Simply add resources/pages as you need annd assign the template you want to use. After selecting a template you will find template specific options under the 'Template Variables' tab.
    • Content can be updated using Tiny MCE, the active CSS styles will be shown automatically and easy to select style classes are selectable via the 'Styles' button.


    • Under system settings > (filter for 'flexibility4') > 'Use Foundation top bar for main navigation' you can select wich type of navigation you want.


    All sub-packages (like Wayfinder) are installed by Flexibility and you will be able to remove/update each sub-package under "System" > "Package Management".

    You can update the package via package installer, Flexibility will NOT override excisiting Resources.


    • http://foundation.zurb.com/
    • http://html5boilerplate.com/ (not used but got me started....)
    • The MODX Revolution team for the whole MODX system
    • Anselm Hannemann (http://anselm.novolo.de/) for the MODX Boilerplate
    • The MODX community for all the great tips and support!
    • Bob Ray (http://bobsguides.com/) for the amazing MyComponent package


    Please post on GitHub: https://github.com/DESIGNfromWITHIN/Flexibility4Issues/issues

    Changelog for Flexibility

    flexibility4-1.1.3-pl.transport (18 january 2014)

    • General updates

    flexibility4-1.1.1-pl.transport (25 september 2013)

    • Updated and improved contact form (thanks to ModX-Flexibility-test via GitHub Flexibility4Issues)
    • Added a theme option to settings (soon available for sale)

    flexibility4-1.1.0-rc.transport (21 september 2013)

    • Added lexicons
    • Added OpenGrapProtocol met tags and TV options for pages
    • Tested updating

    flexibility4-1.0.9-rc.transport (18 september 2013)

    • Added working contact page and contact settings
    • Flexibility 4 now available as a MODX package om modx.com

    flexibility4-1.0.8-rc.transport (14 september 2013)

    • 100% rebuild, tested and improved!
    • Current features: homepage, slider, image gallery, search, template variables, site settings, responsive images (phpThumbsUp), update and uninstall

    flexibility4-1.0.7-rc.transport (6 august 2013)

    • Updated the sub-package installation

    flexibility4-1.0.6-rc.transport (5 august 2013)

    • Added settings to manager

    flexibility4-1.0.5-rc.transport (27 juli 2013)

    • Added contact for using FormIt
    • Sidebar option added on homepage, contact and basic page template
    • Set image slider to 'no' for default

    flexibility4-1.0.4-rc.transport (24 juli 2013)

    • Fixed 'unable to update flex-4-logo system setting bug' (thanks to: acidic - https://github.com/acidic and Allan Brooke - https://github.com/allanjpb)
    • Removed Page title to Foundation 4 top bar navigation (don't like this actually)
    • Added Open Graph Protocol (http://ogp.me/) meta tags in header, added the the Template Varibale SEO options for it
    • Updated readme
    • Added orbit slider to homepage, included PictureFill responsive images (https://github.com/scottjehl/picturefill) and optional slide content
    • Added Image gallery template using Galley plugin (http://rtfm.modx.com/display/ADDON/Gallery), Magnific Popup (http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/magnific-popup/)

    flexibility4-1.0.3-rc.transport (23 juli 2013)

    • Added Page title to Foundation 4 top bar navigation
    • Replaced ckeditor with Tiny MCE, linked CSS styles and added button style selectors to Tiny MCE
    • Updated readme

    flexibility4-1.0.2-rc.transport (23 juli 2013)

    • Added working Foundation 4 top bar navigation (http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/components/top-bar.html) + navigation option
    • Under system settings > (filter for 'flexibility4') > 'Use Foundation top bar for main navigation' you can select wich type of navigation you want

    flexibility4-1.0.0-rc.transport (22 juli 2013)

    • 100% rebuilt using Bob Ray's MyComponent 3.1.1-pl
    • Seperated template content and core files, seperate package with demo content available soon

    flexibility4-0.0.2-rc.transport (22 march 2013)

    • Fixed TV's not being assigned to templates (Thanks Jörg Lippmann @donalbain_de)
    • Removed the Sidebar TV from the page without sidebar
    • Added ios-orientationchange-fix.js (Thanks @PgnFrsh)

    flexibility4-0.0.1-rc.transport (21 march 2013)

    • Huge update to v4!
    • Updates without losing content
    • Removed the installation of default resources (this is not the 'MODX way')
    • Lexicons added
    • Articles added
    • MIGX slider items added
    • Gallery added
    • Search improved
    • Google sitemap added
    • Version X added
    • Ace added
    • Replaced Tiny MCE with ckeditor
    • Client Config added (needs to be configured)
    • PHPthunbsUp added and used in the image gallery
    • Responsive lightbox added
    • Added page templates with left and right sidebar

    flexibility-3.0.6-rc.transport (18 januari 2013)

    • Added a mobile input navigation for smaller screens
    • The full template should now be faster and more streamlined

    ............... LEFT OUT OLD STUFF ......................

    flexibility-2.0.1-beta.transport (13 december 2011)

    • First version online!
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    2 Versions 1 Contributors 4,809 Downloads
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