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By Thierry Vredeveld (thierryv)

I created formbuilder as an internship project.

Before I started with formbuilder I had no ModX experience what so ever.

Formbuilder is made for webdevelopers who use ModX as a CMS, and who let their customers use it to maintain their website.

With Formbuilder a webdeveloper does not have to manually create all the forms on a website, customers can just do it themselves through the manager.

In other words: Formbuilder is a very easy to use module that lets users who have no experience with HTML or PHP what so ever, create forms.

Webdevelopers in ModX don't have to create multiple forms with multiple FormIt calls anymore, Formbuilder can run multiple forms on 1 installation and 1 script.

Formbuilder supports these HTML form elements:

 - Textfield.

 - Textarea.

 - Radiobuttons. 

 - Special email textfield. 

 - Limited checkboxes support.

Formbuilder 1.0 is stable and ready for use, but there are still things that could be added.

For instance: full checkboxes support, dropdown menu's etc. Please feel free to look into that, and also to provide me with feedback about Formbuilder!

Formbuilder is based on the PHP script from Dagon Design: and requires MIGX to work.

Again this is my first development in Modx so please don't bite my head off :) 

Thierry Vredeveld

New in Formbuilder 1.0.0-beta

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2.1 – 2.2

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