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By Graeme Leighfield (gelstudios)

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FoxyStock Version: 1.0

An extra for handling stock control with a FoxyCart store.

Any question or emails, please email, or tweet @gel_studios

[[!foxyStock? key=`your uniquekey`]]

Attributes :

  • key = Unique datafeed key from Foxy Cart
  • tvCode = Name of the TV used for holding the unique product code. Default = foxyStock_code
  • tvInventory = Name of the TV used for holding the inventory. Default = foxyStock_inventory
  • logFile = Location of logFile, if you do not want logging, pass a blank call to this. Default = assets/foxyStock.log

Instructions :

  •  Create document with snippet call in, copy URL of that page.
  •  Login to foxy cart
  •  Ensure the correct store is selected (if you manage multiple)
  •  Select "advanced"
  •  Tick "Would you like to enable your store datafeed?"
  •  Paste the URL of the snippet call into "datafeed url"
  •  Copy API Key and put into snippet call.
  • Remember that you must give each item a unique product code.

    Included TV's : foxyStock_code & foxyStock_inventory

    You must allocate these to a template before you can use them

    Included Chunks :


    Shows you a form with add to cart button, and current inventory level. If you alter your TV's you will need to adjust the calls.

    You NEED to put your custom FoxyCart form action in this form before using it.

    Graeme Leighfield

    New in FoxyStock 1.0.0-pl1

    There are no release notes for this version.



    November 7, 2013
    Supported Versions
    2.2 – 2.2

    Previous Versions


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