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By Bert Oost (bertoost)

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The Gateway Manager for MODX Revolution is configured to be running automatically. When installing it trough the Package Manager you don't need to do anything except setting up the domains. The Gateway Manager will be available below the Components menu item.

If you wanna use the canonical tag, you can use this tag to create it completely automatic.


Bert Oost

New in Gateway Manager 1.2.0

GatewayManager 1.2.0-pl (September 13th, 2015)


- Improved create window with descriptions per field and removed inline editing for context and start page (since some field listeners are required)

- Fixed: [#13] Different startsite definitions in the context and gateway brakes the website

- Added new feature to create the first Resource when not exists (when creating settings is enabled)

- Updated creating new gateway entries to create context settings correctly

- Updated UI to be more compatible with MODX 2.3+

- Improved creation validation of given settings (context, start page etc.)

GatewayManager 1.1.2-pl (March 13th, 2014)


- Fixed loading resources of selected context

GatewayManager 1.1.1-pl (July 8th, 2012)


- Fixed issue with new way of checking HTTPHOST in the GatewayManager plugin

GatewayManager 1.1.0-pl (July 6th, 2012)


- Gateway plugin not working with MODX setting httphost, but with REQUESTURI of the server

- Updated processor files to new MODX 2.2.x object way of life

- Added German translation thanks to Anselm Hannemann!

- Added new feature "Create context settings" to create necessary settings for selected context

    incl. new lexicons. Thanks to Viktor Matushevskyi for Russian translations!

- Removed update gateway window, using inline editing now

- MODX 2.2.x compatibility fixes

- UI fixes for MODX 2.2.x



July 8, 2012
Supported Versions
2.2 – Current

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