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This Snippet retrieves image files from a directory, processes them through a template chunk and returns the results.


November 8, 2016
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2.0 – Current
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New in getImages 2.4.3

Changelog for getImages (for Revolution).getImages 2.4.2====================================- replaced parseChunk with getChunk to avoid error in logs. (thanks Terry)Changelog for getImages (for Revolution).getImages 2.4.1====================================- fixed issue with documentation not showing.getImages 2.4.0====================================- Added a tag to get the path without the root folder.- Changed some installed example chunks to show usage with pThumbs by jgrant.- packaged pThumb with the package for convenience. - Redid all documentation.- made sure all parts work as described. getImages 2.3.2====================================- Added a random sort tag. (Thanks bendy4)getImages 2.3.1====================================- Added a parent path tag.getImages 2.3.0====================================- Added ability to change sort type (thanks kilroy).- Changed all installed chunks to have example_ prefix so as not to overwrite with updates.- Redid all documentation.- made sure all parts work as described. getImages 2.2.1====================================- Changed method for getting image name so that it works with any extension.getImages 2.2.0====================================- Major re-write removing the need for getImagesFolder.- added new placeholders to allow more versatility.- removed the month re-write function and put it in it's own snippet.- re-wrote the example templates to reflect the new placeholders.getImages 1.1.0====================================- changed the default extension call to use "jpg,gif,png,JPG,GIF,PNG".- fixed a typo in getImage_Tpl that would not allow images to appear.- cleaned up the docs.getImages 1.0.0====================================- changed the extension call to use "jpg" instead of ".jpg".- added an example CSS file.- cleaned up the docs.getImages 0.9.2====================================- Added ability to use more than one extension.- Removed call to one of my personal folders in default template chunk much thanks to Terry Barth for helping with the beta.getImages 0.9.1====================================- Added mising Documents Folder.- Added more example files.getImages 0.9.0====================================- A New name.- A complete rewrite to enable the use of getFolders and getPage.myGallery 0.9.0====================================- changed default paths to be under assets.- added docs folder under assets.myGallery 0.8.5====================================- fixed bug in pagination where ... would link to pages that didn't exist.myGallery 0.8.0====================================- Almost a complete rewrite.- Added template chunks.- Changed to Glob for image retrieval.- Added changelog.


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November 8, 2016
2.0 – Current
November 5, 2016
2.0 – Current
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