getPage 1.2.2-pl

getPage 1.2.2-pl

Released Dec 09, 2011 by opengeek

A generic wrapper snippet for returning paged results and navigation from snippets that return limitable collections.

This version is deprecated. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Download 21kb (8398 downloads)
Downloads: 128,950
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.0.x or greater
Supports mysql,sqlsrv

A generic wrapper snippet for MODX Revolution 2.1+. getPage will returning paged results and navigation from snippets that return limitable collections, and optionally cache the results of unique page requests.

The release introduces the ability to specify a different limit for the first page of results via the new pageOneLimit property.

Installation Instructions

Install via Package Management.
NOTE: requires MODX Revolution-2.1.0-rc-1 or later.

getPage 1.2.2-pl (December 9, 2011)

  • Check $_GET before $_REQUEST for pageVarKey and limit overrides
  • [#6] Add pageOneLimit to allow different limit on first results page

getPage 1.2.1-pl (September 15, 2011)

  • Remove inadvertent debugging statement in snippet code

getPage 1.2.0-pl (September 14, 2011)

  • [#5] Add pageNavOuterTpl for layout control of page nav elements
  • Allow limit of 0 in $_REQUEST to bypass paging
  • Allow empty nav tpl parameters
  • Allow unlimited page listing with &pageLimit=`0`

Version Released Author Downloads
10 Versions 1 Contributors 129,037 Downloads
1.2.4-pl Mar, 25 2014 opengeek 70,268
1.2.3-pl Jun, 20 2012 opengeek 32,271
1.2.1-pl Sep, 15 2011 opengeek 3,235
1.2.0-pl Sep, 14 2011 opengeek 414
1.1.0-pl Mar, 29 2011 opengeek 3,504
1.0.0-rc1 Sep, 15 2010 opengeek 3,363
1.0.0-pl Aug, 19 2010 opengeek 6,089
1.0.0-beta2 May, 28 2010 opengeek 861
1.0.0-beta1 Mar, 19 2010 opengeek 690