getRelated 1.2.0-pl

getRelated 1.2.0-pl

Released Jun 07, 2012 by markh

getRelated is a snippet for MODX Revolution that automatically finds related pages based on fields you specify.

You can install it via the Package Manager. It has been developed by Mark Hamstra for Vierkante Meter. 


Bugs & Features: 

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Download 32kb (4171 downloads)
Downloads: 7,105
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.0.x or greater
Supports mysql,sqlsrv

getRelated is a snippet for MODX Revolution that automatically finds related pages based on fields you specify.

As of version 1.1.0 getRelated is only for MODX 2.1 and up.

Installation Instructions

Install via Package Management and head over to the docs for usage instructions:


  • [#4] Add &stopwords property to exclude stopwords on a snippet-call basis
  • [#6] Properly support multiple (different) snippet calls per page.
  • Get rid of the rank (amount of points) in the default tplRow chunk.
  • Added support for Russian. Thanks createit!


  • Fix including deleted resources by adding an &includeDeleted property defaulting to false.
  • Add &hideContainers property to allow filtering out of containers
  • Fix E_NOTICE errors in calculating the scores.


  • Fix issue with &parents property which would skip direct descendants
  • Prevent implode error message (and possible failure) if only one resource field was chosen.


  • Add new exclude property to exclude specific resources from the output.
  • Add new returnTVs property to include TV values in the snippet output. 


  • Fix bug which would include all resources if no resource field was selected in the &fields property
  • Fix bug which prevented filtering out the current resource properly.
  • Make sure debug data is spit out in a meaningful way that can actually help debugging.
  • Make sure data is checked in a case insensitive way.
  • Fix ignoreHidden and ignoreUnpublished properties.


  • Fix bug where tpl files are chosen over actual chunks.


  • Fix bug when using &parents and TVs in the &fields property. (Thanks Anselm Hannemann!)
  • Move custom sort function to inside the class for tidyness. (Thanks Mark Ernst!)


  • Initial release
Version Released Author Downloads
9 Versions 1 Contributors 7,127 Downloads
1.1.2-pl Jan, 21 2012 MarkH 703
1.1.1-pl Dec, 10 2011 MarkH 397
1.1.0-pl Dec, 04 2011 MarkH 322
1.0.2-pl2 Nov, 10 2011 MarkH 369
1.0.2-pl Nov, 10 2011 MarkH 261
1.0.1-pl2 Oct, 27 2011 MarkH 326
1.0.1-pl Oct, 26 2011 MarkH 279
1.0.0-pl Oct, 13 2011 MarkH 299