getRTImages 1.1.0-beta1

getRTImages 1.1.0-beta1

Released Nov 29, 2013 by sepiariver

What It's For:

Content Editors can upload an arbitrary number of images using whichever Rich Text Editor you have installed, and they will be displayed accordingly. It doesn't matter if they put bad markup in the TV, only img elements are extracted.

Getting Started:

  • Setup a Rich Text TV
  • Install getRTImages via Package Management
  • Call the Snippet
  • Template the output with a Chunk
  • Official Docs:

    For more info:

    Download 10kb (1167 downloads)
    Downloads: 1,351
    License: GPLv2
    Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
    Supports mysql

    Added image results sorting options.

    Installation Instructions

    See Documentation here:

    Added image results sorting options.

    Version Released Author Downloads
    2 Versions 1 Contributors 1,352 Downloads
    1.0.0-beta1 Nov, 29 2013 sepiariver 185