Glossary 2.4.0-pl

Glossary 2.4.0-pl

Released Jan 16, 2019 by alanpich

Maintain a glossary of terms for your site through the manager interface.

Download 109kb (25 downloads)
Downloads: 1,447
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.6.x or greater
Supports mysql

This MODX Extra adds a custom manager page that allows you to create & maintain a list of explanations for key terms in your site. Entries into the glossary take the form of term => explanation where term is the phrase being described and explanation is the description of said term.

Installation Instructions

Install via Package Management

  • Don't replace Glossary terms in definable html tags
  • Don't replace Glossary terms in all html tag attributes

Version Released Author Downloads
7 Versions 2 Contributors 1,449 Downloads
2.3.0-pl Dec, 15 2018 jako 26
2.2.1-pl2 Jun, 07 2017 jako 237
2.2.0-pl2 Feb, 24 2017 jako 118
2.1.0-pl2 Aug, 20 2016 jako 210
2.1.0-pl Aug, 19 2016 jako 83
1.1.0-pl Sep, 06 2012 alanpich 750