Gmarker 1.0-pl

Gmarker 1.0-pl

Released Mar 02, 2013 by everettg_99

The Gmarker package implements the Google Maps API (v3.9) so you can quickly draw maps, add markers, and geocode addresses into latitude and longitude.

It includes 3 Snippets and a Plugin.

Gmap: lets you quickly draw a Google Map by supplying an address.

Gmarker: lets you quickly draw a map, and draw markers on it -- each marker corresponds to a page on your site.

Glocation: this utility Snippet is a raw Google Geocoding lookup.  Use it to retrieve latitude/longitude coordinates or even raw JSON data for any address.  You can also use it as a hook for other Snippets, e.g. FormIt or Login's Register Snippet.

The Geocoding Plugin will take the address information stored on a page and lookup the corresponding latitude and longitude coordinates for that location, then the latitude and longitude are written back to dedicated Template Variables on each page.

Every lookup is cached, so you only hit the Google Maps API when you absolutely need to.

Download 57kb (1812 downloads)
Downloads: 1,809
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Supports mysql

Initial release (ported from gmaps repository): support for geocoding, basic map drawing, and the ability to add markers to your maps.

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