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Realtime insights into Google Analytics within MODX

Creator: Sterc Agency (sterc)

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About Google Analytics Dashboard

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This is a free extra and the code is publicly available for you to change. The extra is being actively maintained and you're free to put in pull requests which match our roadmap. Please create an issue if the pull request differs from the roadmap so we can make sure we're on the same page.

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June 2, 2022
Supported Versions
3.0 – Current
Supported Database



Steps at Google

For usage of the Google Analytics Dashboard Google Analytics API credentials are required.
Log in to your Google Account to which your Analytics are linked.

They can be generated at this page

Search for 'Analytics API' in the library. Click on 'Analytics API'.
On the next page you could choose for 'Enable'.

Go to Credentials. Choose for Create credentials > OAuth client ID.

  • Application type: other.
  • Enter a name and click on 'Create'.

Copy the 'Client ID' and a 'Client secret' to the system settings in MODX.

System settings
The following system settings are required for further setup. Go the system settings > Select the namespace 'googleanalytics'.

  • googleanalytics.client_id (Client ID)
  • googleanalytics.client_secret (Client secret)

Go to Extras > Google Analytics. Click on the button 'Authorize'.

Click on 'Get authorization token'. Select your Google account which is used for Analytics.
Read about the permissions, click on 'Allow' if you agree with them.

Copy the code to Authorization token field in MODX. Click on 'Authorize'.

A new button 'Settings' will be available. Click on 'Settings'.

In this modal you should select your:

  • Google Analytics account
  • Google Analytics property
  • Google Analytics profile

Click on 'Save'.

Google Analytics is now successfully connected to the Google Analytics Dashboard.

Go to Dashboards and place Analytics realtime and Analytics visitors on the dashboard of choice.

That's it, all done!

What should I do with previous installations of the Google Analytics Dashboard?

  • Remove current widgets from dashboards & delete widget from the widget list
  • Download or update the Google Analytics Dashboard.
  • Install the new Google Analytics Dashboard 2..
  • Uninstall and remove the Google Analytics Dashboard Widget 1.. from package management.

New in Google Analytics Dashboard 3.0.1-beta

Google Analytics

Version: 3.0.1-beta Released: 2022-06-02

  • Fixed PHP warning: Optional parameter declared before required parameter

Version: 3.0.0-beta Released: 2021-12-13

  • Fix MODX 3 compatibility

Version: 2.0.2-pl Released: 2019-11-07

  • Github issue #30
  • Github issue #26
  • Github issue #20
  • Github issue #32
  • Some bugfixes and better caching
  • Site speed added

Version: 2.0.1-pl Released: 2018-12-14

  • Widgets are installed via resolver

Version: 2.0.0-pl Released: 2017-09-13

  • Google Analytics Dashboard Widget can now be found under Extras > Google Analytics.
  • Convert flash charts to html charts.
  • Add widget that shows realtime visitors.
  • Add widget that shows visitors and pageviews data.
  • Add latest Google API changes.
  • Add goals.
  • Some bugfixes.

Version: 1.1.0-pl Released: 2015-09-17

  • Bugfixes
  • New Google Auth
  • New Real Time Visitors function
  • Complete rebuild
    • New ExtJS and PHP code

Version: 1.0.1-pl Released: 2015-03-10

  • 404 Pages reporting

Version: 1.0.0-pl Released: 2014-09-25

  • First release

Current Releases

June 2, 2022
3.0 – Current
December 13, 2021
3.0 – Current
November 12, 2019
2.2 – 2.7
December 13, 2018
2.2 – Current
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