Google Maps TV 1.1.0-pl

Google Maps TV 1.1.0-pl

Released Sep 30, 2016 by sterc

Custom MODX Google Maps Marker Template Variable. Adds a Google Maps and several fields. Ideal for Sites that use allot of address related information.

Download 43kb (1925 downloads)
Downloads: 4,642
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Supports mysql

Custom MODX Google Maps Marker Template Variable. Adds a Google Maps map and several address fields. Ability to drag-drop the marker on the map to exactly pinpoint the marker location. Ideal for sites that use a lot of address related information.

Installation Instructions

Manager usage

  • Install the Package
  • Create a new TV.
  • Select under the tab Input Options : Input Type Maps Tv
  • Save and you're done!

Template Usage


This parses the values from the Google Maps TV to placeholders inside a chunk.

Placeholders in chunk

  • Street : [[+street]]
  • Housenumber : [[+housenumber]]
  • Zipcode : [[+zipcode]]
  • City : [[+city]]
  • State : [[+state]]
  • Country : [[+country]]
  • Latitude : [[+latitude]]
  • Longitude : [[+longitude]]

Google Maps TV 1.1.0pl


- Add system setting for Google Map API key

- Improve resizing of gmappanel on tab change / window resize, preventing console warnings.

- Fix check empty array vars

Google Maps TV 1.0.2pl


- Added Czech translation

- Updated English lexicon

- Optimized layout for modX 2.3+

- Fixed crash on not found data

Google Maps TV 1.0.1pl


- Optimized GEO lookup for not accurate data.

Google Maps TV 1.0.0pl


- Initial release.

Version Released Author Downloads
4 Versions 2 Contributors 4,644 Downloads
1.0.2-pl Nov, 27 2015 sterc 920
1.0.1-pl Jul, 07 2015 sterc 521
1.0.0-pl Nov, 20 2013 sterc 1,278