gravatar 1.0.0

gravatar 1.0.0

Released Jul 10, 2007 by mithrandir
This snippet will convert emails to gravatars and shows their icon (if the user has one). In chunks with changing mails (think about Jot and the stored comments), try to use it as a custom PHx-modifier.

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Downloads: 1,476
License: GPL - GNU Public
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Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql
If you want to use gravatars on your website, try this snippet.

Installation Instructions

  • Take the snippet below and store it as gravatar or phx:gravatar (depends on the use - see below)
  • Design a default image, that should be shown, if the user has no gravatar. Store this image in your assets/images-folder
  • Change the defaults at the beginning of the snippet

Use as normal snippet
You had to store the snippet as gravatar (see top). Then you can use it like this:

Use as custom PHx-modifier
Install PHx first. Store the snippet as phx:gravatar. After that you can use it in chunks and with placeholders like: