About Eletters

Eletters is a Addon for MODX Revolution that allows you to create & send beautiful email campaigns within MODX!  You can now take advantage of MODX advanced templating features to create custom eletter templates.  Easily manage lists & subscribers and allow subscribers to manage their own preferences.  Personalize your emails with some default placeholders.Features


January 3, 2017
Supported Versions
2.2 – Current
Supported Database

New in Eletters 1.1.1


  • Pull request #39 Remove explicit setting of modMail::MAIL_SENDER
  • Fix #40, pull request #41 php7 compatibility update
1.1 pl
  • Fix #32 rename ELetterSignup Chunk properly
  • Fix #21 add group by query to reduce multi sends
  • Fix #29 remove Subscriber from group when unchecked on Update
  • Fix #14 CSV import error messages and example CSV in GUI
  • Fix #25 swap placeholders in signup Chunk to be correct

1.1 beta3

  • Include new TVs in install script

1.1 beta2

  • Include EletterFormItEmail in install

1.1 beta

  • Updated default sorting order in the CMP
  • Change name from GroupEletter to just Eletters
  • sampleTriggerEletter Template
  • New TVs
  •     - eletterType - 'Campaign','Response','Trigger' 
  •     - eletterAccess - 'Public','Protected
  • set default values for TVs:
  •  - eletterFromName: [[++eletters.fromName]],
  •  -  eletterFromEmail: [[++eletters.fromEmail]],
  •  -  eletterReplyEmail: [[++eletters.replyEmail]]
  • New Setting: eletters.deniedPageID - this if you set the page to private and a user goes to the URL without unique code send them to this page.
  • Fixed Subscriber search &  Setting a subscriber to inactive
  • Tracking Plugin causes errors...Fixed

1.0 RC3

  • Fixed #22, #23 Invalid object $this in plugin
  • Fixed delivered to record actual instead of 1

1.0 RC2

  • Removed some error logging and set them to respect the groupeletters.debug setting
  • Improved how statistics are recorded
  • #19 added cs localization - Czech language
  • #18 added very basic mime with strip_tags
  • #17 added in new system setting testPrefix to allow admin to prefix all test email subject lines
  •  #6 added a way to attach a single file attachment
  • #14 improved the CSV import process

1.0 RC1

  • - Fixed #13 properly set the batchsize for the queue
  • Corrected a date query issue which effected when a queue would send out
  • Added a debug setting that will log notes to the error log
  • Added basic stats #12
  •  -  Numerous database changes
  •  -  new setting: trackingPageID, useUrlTracking
  •  - [[+trackingImage]] - for Opened

1.0 beta4

  •   #11 Updated German Translation
  • Added a snippet GroupElettersUpdateTables - only needed in you updated but it ran as install

1.0 beta3

  • Added #9 CSV Import feature
  • Added tabs to Subsriber and added in all fields for the window New lexicons:, groupeletters.subscribers.m_name,        groupeletters.subscribers.basic_info, groupeletters.subscribers.address_info and groupeletters.subscribers.groups_info
  • Fixed #10 Subscriber Add/Update Window issue
  • Fixed #7 Added in city column/field to db table
  • Added #8 German Translation

1.0 beta2

  • Fixed #5 file path case wrong in plugin, could cause linux/unix not to work

1.0 beta1

  • added 2 new lexicons
  • #3 fixed Queue snippet message
  • #4 Fixed spelling error

1.0 alpha3

  • Fix another spelling error and added more options in the GroupEletterSignup Chunk
  • Removed my email address from the sender list!

1.0 alpha2

  • Fix create group error that did not save all data
  • Fix spelling error for chunk name call
  • Fix subscribe to group on signup page


Current Releases

January 3, 2017
2.2 – Current
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