Image+ 2.6.2-pl

Image+ 2.6.2-pl

Released Feb 21, 2017 by jako

Advanced Image custom template variable type, allowing you to crop and resize images without modifying the source. Visual Image cropping tool integrated into the MODX manager interface.

Download 142kb (400 downloads)
Downloads: 9,429
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.3.x or greater
Supports mysql

Image+ is an advanced image custom template variable type for MODx Revolution. The dimensions for the uploaded image can (optionally) be configured to constrain a minimal width and/or height. The image crop could be forced to remain at a pre-set ratio. A graphical tool could be used to crop the image to the required dimensions/proportions.

  • Visual Image cropping tool integrated into the MODX manager interface.
  • Option to constrain minimal width and/or height for the uploaded image.
  • User image crop can be forced to remain at pre-set ratio.
  • Use a chunk as an output template and fill placeholders with url, height, width, alt-tag, phpthumb options etc of the cropped uploaded image.

For full details, see the Image+ documentation

This project is hosted on GitHub:

Installation Instructions

Install through package manager and select 'Image+' as a template variable input type and output type if you create a new template variable. Ensure you also have a supported cropping engine (pThumb, phpThumbOf, phpThumbsUp) installed.

  • Bugfix for disabled option 'Generate Thumbnail URL' and an empty url placeholder

Version Released Author Downloads
20 Versions 2 Contributors 9,258 Downloads
2.6.1-pl Feb, 03 2017 jako 226
2.6.0-pl Feb, 01 2017 jako 80
2.4.5-pl Jul, 29 2016 jako 1,116
2.4.4-pl Jun, 15 2016 jako 430
2.4.3-pl Mar, 03 2016 jako 710
2.4.2-pl Jan, 18 2016 jako 427
2.4.0-pl Jan, 15 2016 jako 155
2.3.4-pl Aug, 06 2015 jako 935
2.3.5-pl Aug, 06 2015 jako 120
2.3.3-pl Jul, 05 2015 jako 288
2.3.2-pl Jun, 06 2015 jako 310
2.3.1-pl Jun, 05 2015 jako 84
2.3.0-pl2 May, 26 2015 jako 170
2.3.0-pl May, 24 2015 jako 164
2.2.0-pl Nov, 02 2013 alanpich 1,587
2.1.0-pl Dec, 09 2012 alanpich 808
2.0.0-beta2 Dec, 02 2012 alanpich 195
1.1.2-beta2 Feb, 15 2012 alanpich 844
1.1.0-beta1 Feb, 07 2012 alanpich 209