insert 1.0.0-beta1

insert 1.0.0-beta1

Released Jul 23, 2013 by sepiariver
Have you ever wanted to make CSS/JS changes to a Live site, and be able to privately preview those changes across various pages, without creating a bunch of "test" resources?In the default 'production' mode, this Snippet inserts css, js and/or html at the end of the head element or body element of the document, depending on the properties passed to it. In 'dev' mode, it optionally inserts alternate content only for specific Users, with a valid session in the specified Contexts. Download 11kb (685 downloads)
Downloads: 684
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Supports mysql

Initial beta release.

Installation Instructions

This simply registers a CSS file and some HTML before the closing body tag.
<code>[[insert? &css=`path/to/cssFile.css` &htmlAtClose=`<footer>No copyright. Do as you wish.</footer>`]]</code>

This registers a JS file before the closing body tag only for the User whose ID is `1`.
<code>[[insert? &jsAtCloseForUser=`assets/devJs.js` &userId=`1` &mode=`dev`]]</code>

This registers devCssFile.css for Manager Users and cssFile.css for others. The &mode property must
be set to `dev` for this result.
<code>[[!insert? &css=`path/to/cssFile.css` &cssForUser=`path/to/devCssFile.css` &mode=`dev`]]</code>

**NOTE: in order to use `dev` or `override` modes, the Snippet MUST be called UNcacheable in order to
check for a valid session on each request. This is not recommended for production. If sessions are
not required, call the Snippet cached for best performance, taking care NOT to enable `dev` mode, therby
potentially caching the `dev` mode results.

&context Context key, or comma separated list of Contexts to check against valid Users (those
who will see the alternate content). Required. Default: 'mgr' (Users logged into the
Manager will see the alternate content)
&mode 'production', 'dev' or 'override'. Set this to display alternate content to Users with
a valid session. Default: 'production' (Users will see the same content as Anonymous)
&userId Optionally specify a MODX User ID for whom to display alternate content. All others
will only see production content.

&css (and $cssForUser) Path the css file to register.
$jsInHead (and $jsInHeadForUser) Path the js file to register in the head element.
$htmlInHead (and $htmlInHeadForUser) Markup to insert in the head element.
$jsAtClose (and $jsAtCloseForUser) Path the js file to register at the end of the body element.
$htmlAtClose (and $htmlAtCloseForUser) Markup to insert at the end of the body element.