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By Murray Wood (digitalpenguin)

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Google Maps Custom Resource Class Extra for MODX Revolution.

There is no need to use multiple template variables to achieve a similar result.

LocationResources includes a slick drag and drop interface users will love. Both simple and customizable.

Murray Wood

New in LocationResources 1.3.2

Changelog for LocationResources.

LocationResources 1.3.2 (18/08/2017)==============

- Fixed marker bug with quick create.

- Removed all cluster code from output if not using clustering.

- Fixed broken JS caused by /n and /r when using multiple lines for description

- Fixed bug preventing map location to be set before initially saving resource.

LocationResources 1.3.1 (11/08/2017)


- Fix pathing problem to cluster js file.

LocationResources 1.3.0 (11/08/2017)


- Added marker cluster functionality to allow multiple markers on a single map. Values taken from selected LocationResources under specified parents.

- Added &parents parameter that accepts a comma-separated list of resource ids with children containing markers.

- Fixed lexicon values for creating via context menus in the resource tree.

- Added checks to make sure profile record is populated with default values on create.

- Changed marker description field to textarea to allow multi-line descriptions. (Kept same layout for now).

LocationResources 1.2.1 (08/07/2017)


- Forces output of decimals to use dot notation. Some European locales were converting to commas and breaking the map.

LocationResources 1.2.0 (07/07/2017)


- Revised layout in manager

- Added geocoding functionality with a 'Find Address' search field.

- Searching by address removes any current markers and adds a new marker at the found location.

- Added a button that allows the user to centre the map to the marker if one has been added.

LocationResources 1.1.2 (24/03/2017)


- Removed default values from xpdo schema. Default decimal values causing install errors when using a locale that uses commas instead.

- 3 new system settings where map defaults are now stored. After install, the defaults can be set by the developer.

- markerlinktest column added to database for future feature upgrade.

LocationResources 1.1.1 (21/03/2017)


- Fixes div id generation for if the same map is called twice on a resource for some reason.

LocationResources 1.1.0 (19/03/2017)


- Added serialisation to DIV so that map data can be loaded from other resources. This also allows multiple maps with snippets such as pdoTools or getResources.

- Updated documentation

- Added ID to error reports.

- Added namespaced placeholder for docid.

- Added class_key sanity check.

- Make maps responsively scale to center.

Big thanks to @jcdm (Josh Curtis) for the above additions!

- Some aesthetic changes to service class code.

LocationResources 1.0.1


- Fixed changing an existing standard resource into a Location Resource.

- Fixed duplication of Location Resources.

- Updated Lexicon text

LocationResources 1.0.0


- Initial release.



August 17, 2017
Supported Versions
2.3 – Current

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