LocationResources 1.0.0-pl

LocationResources 1.0.0-pl

Released Feb 03, 2017 by muzzstick

LocationResources is a basic integration between the Google Maps API and MODX Resources.

It allows drag and drop in the MODX manager to position maps and set markers which is then reflected on the web context (or others). Download 49kb (31 downloads)
Downloads: 31
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.3.x or greater
Supports mysql

Google Maps Custom Resource Class Extra for MODX Revolution.

There is no need to use multiple template variables to achieve a similar result.

LocationResources includes a slick drag and drop interface users will love.Both simple and customizable.

Installation Instructions

This is the initial release.



First add your Google Maps API Key into the system settings. Then, in the manager simply create a new resource of "Location" type. You will see the map displayed above the main resource content field.You can drag the map around and zoom to position it. You can choose to add a marker, position it and add an info window to it.

Remember to save the resource!

Then to have it displayed on your web context:

Call this snippet on any template/chunk attached to the LocationResource: [[!locationResourcesMap]]

This will display a map with all the default settings.

For customization, you can call the snippet with currently three parameters:

[[!locationResources? &tpl=`myCustomTpl` &js=`myCustomJS` &css=`myCustomDefaultCSS`]]




Put the name of your custom chunk that contains the main map div.


Put the name of your custom chunk that contains the script to display the map.


Put the name of your custom chunk that contains your own css. (Or you can choose not to use default css in your system settings and style on your own).

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