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Creator: Shaun McCormick (splittingred)

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About Login

Loads a simple login/logout form, with password retrieval functionality and a register form snippet.

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May 21, 2012
Supported Versions
2.1 – Current
Supported Database
MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

New in Login 1.8.0

New in 1.8.0

  • [#5946] Add ability to set User Group for a new user via the &usergroupsField property
  • [#7520] Fix bug with ConfirmRegister logging the user in as anonymous

New in 1.7.3

  • [#7035] Fix regression error with email field in Register snippet

New in 1.7.2

  • [#6194] Fix issue with UpdateProfile when specifying the non-active user to update
  • [#6538] Add removeExpiredRegistrations property to Register snippet for handling expired, unactivated registrations
  • [#6256] Ensure Register respects passwordField and emailField properties
  • [#6288] Fix error message display in ChangePassword

New in 1.7.1

  • [#5947] Fix issue with Profile with unauthenticated users
  • [#5979] Fix issue with ConfirmRegister and non-FURL sites
  • [#5734] Add &allowedFields to Register to allow restricting of submitted fields to a specific set
  • [#6010] Fix typo in UpdateProfile mismatching ID of profile to internalKey
  • [#5961] Add &trimPassword to automatically trim whitespace from submitted passwords
  • Add &generatePassword to automatically generate a password instead of having to provide one manually
  • [#6146] Add &validatePassword to Register to allow for manual password generation
  • [#5969] Add &user property to UpdateProfile to allow specifying user to update

New in 1.7.0

  • [#49] Update reCaptcha URLs
  • [#5793] Add errTpl and errTplType properties to ForgotPassword
  • [#5823] Fix issue where postHooks did not have fields available
  • [#5797] Fix issue where &authenticate was not respected in ConfirmRegister snippet
  • [#5796] Fix issue where errors could appear twice if user used validators on username/email/password fields
  • Add ActiveUsers snippet that shows a list of active, logged-in users
  • Fix errors with Register snippet in 1.7.0-rc1
  • Add file-based hooks to Login hook calls
  • Complete OOP refactoring to provide more stable development and better code isolation
  • Add unit test framework and over 30 tests
  • Add alternative plaintext email option for ability to send both html and plaintext in emails
  • [#5166] Add additional sanity decoding to ConfirmRegister processing

New in 1.6.5

  • [#5176] Fix issue with Registration in Revo 2.0 installations
  • Fix issue with some error messages not being wrapped with errTpl
  • Email validator now only checks for email validation, not required status
  • [#5166] Add additional sanity decoding to ConfirmRegister processing

New in 1.6.4

  • [#3588] Add &allowedFields and &allowedExtendedFields to UpdateProfile to restrict fields that are updated
  • [#4744] Add &redirectToOnFailedAuth parameter for redirecting to a separate page on failed logins
  • [#3263] Remove duplicate error spans in validator output

New in 1.6.3

  • [#5088] Fix issue with ChangePassword &validateOldPassword and Revo 2.1.1
  • Better support for checkboxes/radios/bracketed fields in login validator

New in 1.6.2

  • [#4844] Automatically trim trailing whitespace/newlines in validator calls
  • [#4843] Fix issue with sentTplType not being respected in ForgotPassword
  • [#4936] Fix issue in ForgotPassword that occurred if no user was found with that username
  • [#5019] Add backwards compatibility for Revo 2.0.x users in ResetPassword
  • Fix reference to $this->modx->lexicon in Login Snippet

New in 1.6.1

  • [#4886] Fix issue with variable variable in main login class when loading validators/hooks
  • [#4487] Prevent usage of mbereg if not installed
  • [#3500] Fix issues with inline tplType params in Login snippets
  • [#4545] Fix issue with OnBeforeUserActivate event
  • Support for MODX Revolution 2.1.x

New in 1.5.2 

  • [#3330] Add sanity checks to prevent possible submitVar data adding in UpdateProfile
  • Add support for moderation of users when done in a prehook
  • Add support for redirectBackParams that can send encoded data through a login/registration process
  • Add a generic validation error in Register to allow for general messages
  • Ensure preHooks run before password validation in ChangePassword snippet
  • Fix issue with placeholderPrefix in UpdateProfile snippet

 New in 1.5.1

  • [#44] Fix bug with login validator, &validate parameter
  • [#40] Fix issue with syncUsername in UpdateProfile
  • [#42] Respect allowmultiple_emails setting that prevents users with same email addresses
  • [#43] Add workaround for xPDO bug with NULL fields in modUserProfile
  • Add &validate ability to Register/UpdateProfile snippets
  • Enhance Validators in Register/UpdateProfile to FormIt-standards
  • Trim each hook specification in hooks calls
  • [#28] Fixed validator issue in UpdateProfile
  • Added redirectTo and redirectParams on ForgotPassword snippet
  • Updated events in ResetPassword snippet to pass user object
  • Fixed UpdateProfile to properly update user obj so derivative User classes can manage profile updates


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    2.5 – Current
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    2.5 – Current
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