ManagerManager 0.2.7

ManagerManager 0.2.7

Released May 22, 2008 by ncrossland

ManagerManager allows you to:

  • Change field names
  • Hide fields
  • Change the help text for fields
  • Rename tabs
  • Hide tabs
  • Create new tabs
  • Move fields to different tabs
  • Inherit field values from parent documents
  • Prefill date values with customisable values
  • Link fields together so their values always match
  • Rename and move sections of the document editing page
  • Add widgets to Manager fields - e.g. tag interface, color picker, image preview

All these features can be enabled for any manager role, any template, or any combination of these. The plugin was inspired by HideManagerFields by Brett @ The Man Can. It uses the Jquery library to modify the document management pages after they have been created (no server side transformations are done). It improves on HideManagerFields by adding a standardised API for manipulating fields, adds many new features, and removed the nasty "jump" and flash of hidden fields while the Javascript is manipulated.

This version is deprecated. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Download 38kb (822 downloads)
Downloads: 23,316
License: GPL - GNU Public
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Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql
ManagerManager (MM) is a powerful plugin that allows you to change the names, visibility, and layout of document fields within the Manager, new editing widgets - and lots more!

Installation Instructions

1. In ModX manager, create a new plugin called "ManagerManager" and paste in the code from plugin.txt

2. In the "System Events" tab, check the OnDocFormRender, OnDocFormPrerender and OnPluginFormRender checkboxes

3. Put and in /assets/plugins/managermanager
(if you want to put it somewhere else, you'll need to change the path in the plugin text you pasted in step 3)

4. Insert your rules into the marked section within the plugin code in the manager


New: You can now hide and rename sections of the doc editing page (the bits labelled "Access Permissions", "Document Settings" etc) (based on suggestion by Metaller)

New: You can now set a default value via mm_default for searchable (thanks stefan) and other page settings (container; rich text; log visit; published; cacheable; clear cache)

New: Hide templates from the templates dropdown with mm_hideTemplates (thanks Metaller)

New: Template variables can be hidden with mm_hideFields

Bugfix: Fix bug with tag widget in IE6

Bugfix: Fix bug with template names containing quotes

Bugfix: Incorrectly define current template if templates changed in dropdown list and page is reloaded (thanks Metaller)

Bugfix: Fix JS error with tag editor (thanks ProWebscape)
Version Released Author Downloads
22 Versions 2 Contributors 23,370 Downloads
0.5.1-pl Jul, 17 2013 Ronef 1,581
0.5.0-pl Jul, 17 2013 Ronef 198
0.4-pl Dec, 19 2012 Ronef 604
0.3.11-pl Feb, 15 2012 Ronef 1,172
0.3.10-pl Jan, 24 2012 Ronef 355
0.3.9-ga Nov, 30 2010 ncrossland 1,588
0.3.8-release Apr, 06 2010 ncrossland 1,488
0.3.7-release Dec, 22 2009 ncrossland 1,209
0.3.5-release Oct, 13 2009 ncrossland 1,000
0.3.4-release Sep, 16 2009 ncrossland 651
0.3.2 Jan, 14 2009 ncrossland 918
0.3.2 Jan, 14 2009 ncrossland 2,050
0.3.2 Nov, 05 2008 ncrossland 997
0.3.1 Aug, 28 2008 ncrossland 1,048
0.3.0 Jul, 04 2008 ncrossland 1,106
0.2.8 May, 28 2008 ncrossland 842
0.2.6 Apr, 01 2008 ncrossland 1,044
0.2.4 Aug, 16 2007 ncrossland 1,720
0.2.4 Aug, 02 2007 ncrossland 1,023
0.2.3 Aug, 02 2007 ncrossland 865
0.2.2 Jul, 30 2007 ncrossland 1,090