MarkerGoogleMaps 1.1.3-pl

MarkerGoogleMaps 1.1.3-pl

Released Nov 20, 2013 by agel_nash

Component simplifies the process of creating labels on the map Google Maps. Description tags can be assigned to a document in the resource tree MODX Revolution (Fork StoreLocator).

Download 84kb (1874 downloads)
Downloads: 1,873
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Compatible up to Revolution 2.3.x
Supports mysql


  • Fixed the default value in the parameter markerImage ( now again empty)
  • Fixed ignoring the parameter page


  • Empty resource_id in the grid markers (Issue # 11)
  • Caching of the documents in the construction of the grid
  • Reduced the amount of data yield the processor stores / resources
  • Reset the non-existent page modResource attached to the marker ( marker during the update , and query grid ) (Issue # 7)


  • Ispravleg glitch display the name of the document with the description in the grid admin (Issue # 9)


  • Fixed a count of the total number of markers
  • Fixed a fatal error in the grid markers with a marker attached to a non-existent page
  • Fixed a bug with the default settings and to limit sample
  • Added the possibility vybokri marks on the list of pages
  • Improved the logic shablonizatra . Now unnecessary blocks with templates can disable
  • Added the ability to automatically position in the parameter autoPosition
  • Added a template makerListTpl, and templates storeRowTpl, storeInfoWindowTpl and scriptStoreMarker deprecated
  • Added caching
  • Added new config array of placeholders and pageInfo
  • The templates are now available placeholders with the data of the main document
  • Reworked processing parameters snippet
  • Minor fixes to default templates
  • Refactoring load JS scripts
  • Fully translated Russian lexicon


  • Optimize the use of the method toArray ()


  • Support TV settings in the description of the marker
  • Added support for JSON conditions in the document filtering for a list of resources in the component
  • Fixed a problem with the vocabulary in the test patterns


  • Added indexes to the tables in the database
  • Added a parent document , based on which you can make pools tags
  • Changed the method of filtering documents for drop-down lists in the component
  • Latitude and longitude are now always displayed with a point
  • Fixed CSS- styles for the window shade infoWindow with information on the label
  • Fixed problem with UTF-8 encoding infoWindow a window with information about the tag
  • Removed the search form coordinates with the font- end'a
  • Reworked some of the main parameters of the snippet
  • Component translated into Russian


  • Fork StoreLocator version

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