MaxiGallery 0.5.2

MaxiGallery 0.5.2

Released May 27, 2007 by doze
Some included features:
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional output with CSS styling. Easy to get Strict valid.
  • External language files to ease the implementation of multi-language galleries. Currently only English language and Finnish files in distribution.
  • Possible to allow webusers/webgroups to manage their own or shared galleries and have "admin" webusers/webgroups.
  • Integrated javascript display modes (MooTools and Scriptaculous/Prototype): Slidebox, Lightbox v2.0, Slimbox, SmoothGallery, etc. Easy to plugin other scripts.
  • Possible to sort pictures with dragging. (MooTools and Scriptaculous/Prototype)
  • Watermarking (text or transparent PNG), Image masking with gray scale masks, drop shadow effects.
  • Fully templateable output. Template parameters support @CODE: and @FILE: bindings.
  • Possible to use config files to set snippet parameters. Easy to share examples in forums etc.
  • Possible to query pictures from certain galleries. Think of it like integrated MaxiGallerySolo features if you will.
  • Possible to list all gallery documents, or just under certain parent for certain level in the site tree hierarchy. TV's supported!
  • Possible to create centralized gallery management views. Possible to view galleries from another pages. Possible to manage gallery from another page. Possible to have images open in another document.
  • Possible to set a max images limit in a gallery.
  • Possible to have 3 sizes from a image. Thumbnail, normal and big image. Images will be automatically resized to certain max width/height with image portition kept.
  • Possible to set quality percentage of each image size.
  • Possible to paginate gallery overviews to multiple pages.
  • Easy to setup photo blogging with Jot, look for instructions in the MODx Wiki.
  • Support jpg/jpeg, png and gif images (gif's are converted to png). Also in zip-archives and no need for additional libs (uses PclZip).
  • Possible to use FTP commands to create gallery file system folders. This is needed in certain server environments.
  • Possible to upload pictures into galleries using FTP
  • Many bugfixes.

See more detailed changelog inside the archive!


Currently there is no demos online from me, but I will create a demo site soon and update this info. First I will update the documentation in MODx wiki.

Planned features:
  • Possible to have custom fields in picture management
  • Start using phpThumb for image manipulating/creation
  • Research possibility to use/modify iManager to add images to galleries
  • Possibility to add allready uploaded images to galleries and reuse images without files duplicating (achieved with phpThumb)
  • Possible to set all thumbnails to be cropped to a certain size squares, no matter what the original shape/size is. (again, achieved with phpThumb)
  • Possible to replace images at gallery management afterwards and change filter settings per image. (I don't want to repeat myself, but achieved with phpThumb)
  • Module to manage all site galleries easily from backend.
  • Input TV widget to manage MaxiGallery when creating / editing a document.


You can view the extensive credit section at the top of the snippet! All authors, 3rd party classes/libraries and their licences are described there. This snippet is totally free for commercial use.
Download 454kb (44313 downloads)
Downloads: 57,238
License: GPL - GNU Public
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Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql
Ultra customizable image gallery snippet that offers features like automatic thumbnail creation, size adjusting, filter effects, watermarking, AJAX enabled browsing, extensive permission handling, front-end user/group galleries, fully templateable output, etc..

Installation Instructions

Installation is pretty straight forward:
  • 1. Extract the contents of the zip file to your computer
  • 2. FTP to your server an go to the modx installation folder
  • 3. Put the assets folder to the site root and the files will go to correct place
  • 4. Make the assets/galleries/ folder writable (CHMOD 777 unless you are in phpSuExec environment, in that case 755)
  • 5. Close your FTP program and go to the MODx manager
  • 6. Create a new snippet called "MaxiGallery" and paste the contents of maxigallery.txt to it
  • 7. Call the snippet on some document, check the available parameters at MODx Wiki.
  • 8. Go to the page that has the snippet call and you should see "Manage pictures" -button in there.
    • note that you must be logged into the manager and have rights to edit the document (unless you have defined webusers/groups who can manage the callery and you are logged in at front-end)
  • 9. Upload some images to the gallery and see the results.

Extra info:
You can create new language files for the gallery too. Create lang_en.php in the maxigallery lang folder and slidebox/slimbox/lightbox_lang_en.js in the slidebox/slimbox/lightbox folder, where "en" is the key for your lang file. After this, use it in the &lang snippet parameter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It depends on your server settings that how many images you can upload at a time and how big. The image masking process for example is very slow and you might get a "Maximum execution time of NN seconds exceeded" -error message, if you are trying to upload many images at the same time with imagemasking on.. or if the images are large. Also when using big images, you may get "Memory Size Exhausted" -error as the image processing takes alot of memory too. These errors are not errors in the snippet code, they are caused by server settings. MaxiGallery script tries to use ini_set to increase the execution time and memory limit if needed, but it cannot do it if php is running in safe mode. (I have my setup on a safe_mode enabled server with 15seconds of execution time and 30sec max_input_time and 32Mb memory limit. It can handle 10 images at a time taken with 4MP camera, but with image masking on I can kill it pretty easily)

So, Check these values from php.ini:

max_execution_time, this is the maximum execution time allowed for each script, in seconds (it takes quite some time for maxigallery script to process the images if there are many of them and many imaging "filters" used).
max_input_time, this is the maximum time each script may spend parsing request data, in seconds.
memory_limit, this is the maximum amount of memory in megabytes that a script may consume (maxigallery keeps the images in memory while it makes thumbnails etc).
post_max_size this is the maximum size of POST data in megabytes that PHP will accept (the pictures travel in the post data).
upload_max_filesize this is the maximum allowed size for uploaded files in megabytes.

These settings can also be configured from Apache, so you might want to see if the following can be found from your httpd.conf:

php_admin_value upload_max_filesize Sets the corresponding php setting, see above.
php_admin_value post_max_size Sets the corresponding php setting, see above.
php_admin_value memory_limit Sets the corresponding php setting, see above.
LimitRequestBody Same as post_max_size php setting, but for apache.


See changelog inside archive
Version Released Author Downloads
4 Versions 1 Contributors 57,247 Downloads
0.5.1 Apr, 15 2007 doze 3,744
0.5.0 Mar, 05 2007 doze 2,520
0.4.1 Jun, 28 2006 doze 6,688