Media Manager [BETA]

An enterprise-grade media management solution

Creator: Sterc Agency (sterc)

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About Media Manager [BETA]

The Media Manager is a MODX Extra replacing the default Media Browser with an enterprise-grade media management solution.


  • Fully responsive
  • Built on jQuery and Bootstrap for easier future development
  • Fully database driven
  • Virtual categories, instead of folders to allow a file to be in multiple categories
  • Tag support
  • Version control for your media
  • Image editing features, including resizing and cropping
  • Ability to publish/unpublish media with reference-checking
  • Support for TinyMCE, TV's, ContentBlocks
  • Metadata for images out of the box: id, version, filename, version, author, dimensions (original + cropped image size), category, tags)
  • Unlimited additional metadata (like TV's for images!)
  • MODX ACL for removing/archiving images


December 15, 2021
Supported Versions
2.0 – Current
Supported Database


Migrating from the default media browser

A migration tool is not yet available. You will not lose your old images, but they also will not show up in the new media browser.


  • Install the package through package management by uploading the latest version from the _packages folder.
  • You have to enable the Media Manager per MediaSource. Go to the top-menu "Media" -> "Media Sources" -> "Create property": Name=mediamanagerSource, Type=Textfield, Value=1
  • Now enable it per user by editing a user: "Manage" -> "Users" -> Edit a user -> "Settings" -> "Create new" and set the key and/or name to "media_sources_id" and set the value to the ID of the Media Source you just enabled.

New in Media Manager [BETA] 0.2.9-beta

Changelog for MediaManager.

MediaManager 0.2.9

  • Fix load modPhpThumb for previews (#15)

MediaManager 0.2.8

  • Fix replacing images used in ContentBlocks fields (#31)
  • Add linked resource ID in preview popup (#24)

MediaManager 0.2.7

  • Fix Archive & Replace feature for TV and ContentBlocks field

MediaManager 0.2.6

  • Check file existing on archive and unarchive (#27)
  • Delete versions and thumbnails for deleted files (#33)
  • Fix setting value if TV not found (#34)

MediaManager 0.2.5

  • Fix after adding images to pages, no link reference getting shown in backend GUI (#24)
  • Fix MODX Resource / Elements visibility toggle button not working (#26)
  • Fix deleting an image was not successful (#27)
  • Fix when opening the preview window on an image, MODX logs some errors (#28)
  • Fix available sizes is not being populated with information (#29)

MediaManager 0.2.4

  • Fix thumbnail generation (#15)
  • Fix some styling issues (#16)
  • Fix category creation (#17)
  • Fix tag creation (#18)
  • Fix uploading files error (#19)
  • Add metadata template (#21)

MediaManager 0.2.3

  • SVG previews are now shown in the mediamanager
  • Added system settings for the maximum allowable file upload sizes

MediaManager 0.2.2

  • Replaced JQuery lazyload with native lazyload
  • Fixed imagickloaded check and added fallback for pdf previews
  • Fixed issue with the mediamanager component height

MediaManager 0.2.1

  • Added custom MIGX renderer "MediaManager.MIGX_Image_Renderer"
  • Fixed generated share link
  • Fixed bulk delete
  • Added image input field for ContentBlocks
  • Added support for Redactor 3.0
  • Improved search, now searches in both file name and file id columns

Current Releases

December 15, 2021
2.0 – Current
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