MetaX 1.2.0-public

MetaX 1.2.0-public

Released Nov 02, 2010 by thekiller237

Automatically generates Meta tags for your pages, along with a Base tag and a couple Link tags, the full list can be seen at

This snippet will help you keep your site optimized for search engines and save you a lot of time when creating a template by automatically doing almost all of the Meta work for you. For a full description and detailed support and instructions visit

If you need help feel free to post on he MODx forums, I am around to help if any is needed. This snippet is rigorously tested before each release to ensure its reliability. Some information about MetaX may be found on my personal site, Kudos to AMDBuilder, for help with the testing.

This version is deprecated. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Download 5kb (512 downloads)
Downloads: 16,634
License: GPLv2
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Requires Revolution 2.0.x or greater
Supports mysql

Tested on both Revolution and Evolution. This version makes every variable a snippet param. Also it adds support for RSS feeds, Mobile thumbnail icons, and support for both HTML and xHTML syntax.

Installation Instructions

For Revolution, simply use the Package Manager or manually add the snippet following the Evolution instructions, the code is the same for both MODx types.

Evolution: Simply download the txt file from the Repository. Create a new snippet called MetaX. Then copy and paste the text from the file into the snippet and save.

For further support, visit

Version Released Author Downloads
11 Versions 1 Contributors 16,656 Downloads
2.0.2-pl Jul, 16 2014 thekiller237 6,170
2.0.1-pl Mar, 02 2012 thekiller237 4,684
2.0.0-pl Feb, 07 2012 thekiller237 524
1.5.2-pl0 Mar, 09 2011 thekiller237 2,293
1.5.1-pl0 Mar, 07 2011 thekiller237 323
1.5.0-pl0 Mar, 03 2011 thekiller237 317
1.4.0-pl Jan, 09 2011 thekiller237 488
1.3.1-public Nov, 11 2010 thekiller237 564
1.3.0-public Oct, 27 2010 thekiller237 359
1.1.0-public Sep, 27 2010 thekiller237 422