CRUD generator to manage any kind of items in a TV or CMP

Creator: Bruno Perner (bruno17)

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About MIGX

MIGX (multiItemsGridTv for modx) is a custom-tv-input-type for adding multiple items into one TV-value and a snippet for listing this items on your frontend.

It has a cofigurable grid and a configurable tabbed editor-window to add and edit items.

Each item can have multiple fields. For each field you can use another tv-input-type.

MIGXdb can manage (resource-related) custom-db-table-items in a TV and can help to create CMPs for custom-db-tables

See the official documentation here:


August 26, 2012
Supported Versions
2.2 – 2.2
Supported Database

New in MIGX 2.3.1

Changelog for MIGX.

MIGX 2.3.1==============

  • some eNotice - error - fixes
  • add type - configuration to gridcolumns, now its possible to sort also numeric on the MIGX - grid: see

MIGX 2.3.0==============

  • add multifile - uploader, upload to MIGX - mediasource
  • add load from mediasource - button to MIGX
  • add migxResourcePath - snippet
  • add iframe - support - its now possible to create chunks with snippet-calls and show the result in an iframe-window. used by multifile-uploader.

MIGX 2.2.3==============

  • confirmation before overriding schema-files
  • some additions for childresources-management by MIGXdb
  • switch between multiple forms - configurations
  • add renderDate - renderer , thanks to Jako
  • additional send all store-baseParams when opening the form-window. This way we can have different forms depending on filters for example.
  • add parent-property for dynamic filter-comboboxes
  • add getliste-where for default getlist-processor
  • export formtabs as clean json in editraw-mode

MIGX 2.2.2==============

  • add migxLoopCollection-snippet
  • move prepareJoins into a migx-method
  • confirmation before remove db-record, getcombo did not use idfield
  • allow empty prefix
  • add possibility to use tables without 'deleted' - field and default-getlist-processor
  • fix Call-time pass-by-reference errors
  • get tinyMCE to work on richtext-TV-inputs in MIGXdb - CMPs
  • fix prefix not sended to writeSchema
  • grid add cls 'main-wrapper' to give it a bit padding, thanks to jako

MIGX 2.2.0==============

  • export/import configuration-objects as json to/from files in custom-package-directories
  • new configs: getlist - defaultsort, joins, gridloadmode (by button, auto)
  • grid-smarty-template now can be also in custom-package-directories
  • reworked handling of joined objects in default update-php
  • add connectedobjectid baseparam to migx-grid
  • added snippet migxLoopCollection

MIGX 2.1.1


  • fix for migx-snippet not working with multiple calls on one page
  • resourceid as script-property for getlist-processor when used with migx-snippet

  <p>MIGX 2.1.0</p><p>==============</p><ul><li>&nbsp; add &sort to the getImageList - snippet</li><li>&nbsp; add new snippet 'migx' to get items from db-tables, can use the same configurations and getList - processors as the MIGXdb - manager</li><li>&nbsp; make it possible to have config-files for grids and processors in another package-folder for easier packaging together custom - packages</li><li>&nbsp; more MIGXdb - configurations</li></ul><p>MIGX 2.0.1</p><p>==============</p><ul><li>more E_NOTICE - Error - fixes</li><li>Fix Missing Add - Item - Replacement - String </li></ul><p></p><p>MIGX 2.0.0</p><p>==============</p><p>- pl</p><ul><li>&nbsp; fix for Revo 2.2.2</li><li>&nbsp; fix some E_NOTICE - errors</li></ul><p></p><p>- new in beta5</p><ul><li>&nbsp; Configure multiple CMP - tabs</li><li>&nbsp; packagemanager ported to extjs - tab</li><li>&nbsp; added MIGX-setup/upgrade - tab</li><li>&nbsp; added configurable text and combo - filterboxes</li></ul><p></p><p>- new in beta3</p><ul><li>&nbsp; This is a preview-version of MIGXdb</li><li>&nbsp; MIGXdb can now also be used as configurable CMP</li><li>&nbsp; MIGX - configurator for tabs, columns, MIGXdb-TV and MIGXdb-CMP</li><li>&nbsp; Package-manager, create and edit schemas and package-tables</li></ul><p></p><p>- new:</p><ul><li>&nbsp; better compatibility with revo 2.2</li></ul><ul><li>&nbsp; working with mediasources</li></ul><ul><li>&nbsp; starting with MIGXdb (very dev)</li></ul>

Current Releases

May 16, 2021
2.2 – 2.8
May 2, 2021
2.2 – 2.8
February 8, 2018
2.2 – Current
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