minifyRegistered 0.3.2-pl

minifyRegistered 0.3.2-pl

Released Jul 18, 2013 by jako

With minifyRegistered all js/css files (and chunks) collected by the MODX regClient functions are checked to minify them by minify.

Download 147kb (962 downloads)
Downloads: 1,663
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Supports mysql

minifyRegistered is a simple but effective tool for MODX Revolution. With this tool all js and css files (and chunks) collected by the MODX API functions `regClientStartupScript`, `regClientScript`, `regClientCSS`, `regClientStartupHTMLBlock` and `regClientHTMLBlock` are checked to minify them by minify. 

Works well with AddHeaderfiles.

Installation Instructions

Install via Package Management.

Full documentation on

  • better external css file detection

Version Released Author Downloads
4 Versions 1 Contributors 1,664 Downloads
0.3.0-pl Oct, 12 2012 jako 234
0.2.1-pl Sep, 06 2012 jako 211
0.2-pl Sep, 06 2012 jako 257