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January 27, 2021
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New in miniShop2 2.8.0

Changelog for miniShop2.

2.8.0-pl (27/01/2021)

  • Checking if the field free_delivery_amount is present [PR #520]
  • Set checkbox value [PR #513]
  • Minor English vernacular improvements [PR #512] [PR #511]
  • Fixed. Correction of displaying a product category if it is not a container [PR #509]
  • Fixed PHP warning: count() error [PR #508]
  • Improvement. Dividing the order amount by the purchase and delivery [PR #507]
  • Removing the console script for converting from ms1 to ms2 [PR #506]
  • Fixing the Notice: Undefined offset error when importing a picture with a Russian name through the 'gallery/upload' processor [PR #504]
  • Converting code to cross-browser ECMAScript 5.1 standard [PR #503]
  • Fixed display of settings tabs and resource groups when editing a Category [PR #501]
  • Fixed logic for free delivery calculation [PR #498]

2.7.0-pl (09/12/2020)

  • Improvement. Discount calculation added to the status method in the cart class [PR #497]
  • Improvement. Added order product's options interface [PR #491]
  • Improvement. Added amount for free shipping [PR #490]
  • Improvement. Changing any product fields by event msOnGetProductFields [PR #417]
  • Fixed problem with "Cannot read property items of undefined" and corrected the order of tabs when creating an item [PR #486]
  • Fixed PHP warning: count() [PR #482]
  • Fixed baseUrl in media source [PR #489]
  • Improvement. Added an example of displaying product content on Fenom [PR #478]
  • Improvement. ignoreGroups and sortGroups to msProductOptions snippet [PR #483]
  • Improvement. Added return property to msProductOptions snippet [PR #484]
  • Fixed visual bug [PR #480]
  • Improvement. Added transparency to disabled grid lines [PR #485]

2.6.0-pl (12/11/2020)

  • Added micro-markup [PR #471]
  • Added ms2_frontend_country lexicon [PR #470]
  • Added displaying of the alt attribute and title in the gallery chunk [PR #469, #472]
  • Fixed sorting by customer field in the order list [PR #468]
  • Updated snippets: msCart, msOrder, msGetOrder and msGallery [PR #461]
  • Changed the display encoding of collector messages [PR# 460]
  • Changed order of tabs for category [PR #459]
  • Added display of the gallery tab when creating a product [PR #455]
  • Added sortOptions property for snippet msProductOptions [PR #447]
  • Expanded functionality of windows for quick creation/updating of product/category [PR #439]
  • Fixed clone media source on update if is renamed [PR #438]
  • Added multicontext cart settings [PR #436]
  • Added buttons on orders and settings pages [PR #435]
  • Fixed ui bug header in modal window [PR #434]
  • Added sorting sortOptions in msOptions, msProductOptions [PR #407, #433]
  • Added renderBadge to statuses [PR #432]
  • Added settings link in miniShop2 menu [PR #430]
  • Added msorder_remove permission [PR #421]
  • Added icon for image in vendor modal creation [PR #420]
  • Added usable choice of chunk in the windows for creating/editing statuses [PR #419]
  • Update lexicons [PR #414]
  • Added clone msCategory options on subcategory creation [PR #412]
  • Ext.Loader remove asynchronous loading of strftime-min-1.3.js [PR #411]
  • Added ids to product tabs [PR #408]
  • Added filter on modCategory for options [PR #405]
  • Display field key if caption and lexicon entry is empty [PR #401]
  • Fix miniShop2.combo.Options paging on local mode [PR #400]
  • Added settings for order numeration [PR #393]
  • Fixed deleting link from one-to-one deleting all links [PR #389]
  • Switch context if the order context does not match [PR #388]
  • Fixed paypal error [PR #387]
  • Fixed error 500 if pdoTools not installed [PR #386]
  • Added example for webp in media source [PR #385]
  • Added reloading order object after changes in changeOrderStatus method [PR #384]
  • Change class name to variable in sort processor [PR #381]
  • Moved product gallery tabs if enabled ticket comments [PR #377]
  • Moved product tabs [PR #376]
  • Fix options bug [PR #374]
  • Fix if impossible to remove the "Vendor" field [PR #372]
  • Added icons for tree from system settings [PR #365]
  • Output context name if it is [PR #364]
  • Notify user on move product in grid [PR #359]
  • Added product cost in cart [PR #358]
  • Fixed miniShop2.combo.Options [PR #355]

2.5.0 pl

  • Added translation into Belarusian (thanks @dmse4050)
  • Fix resetting user id value on expand combobox [PR #351]
  • Fix hiding content field via FC [PR #343]
  • Fix bug when uploading pictures to the gallery, files remain in the root [PR #349]
  • Fix bug when saving order and changing status [PR #348]
  • Improvement. Adding Delete / Update buttons preview in the product gallery [PR #346]
  • Improvement. Add drag'n'drop sortable for miniShop2.combo.Options [PR #345]
  • Fix Preventing the removal of goods with the wrong (empty) count [PR #344]
  • Fix TV update bug if there are more than 10 during CSV import [PR #341]
  • Improvement. Getting parameters for multi-domain [PR #340]
  • Fixed error "Incorrect decimal value" [PR #338]
  • Change update product from grid [PR #337]
  • Fix "formatPrice", "formatWeight" [PR #336]
  • Optimization of the withdrawal of orders and fix for recounting an order [PR #335]
  • Fix cutting Czech characters from username in order [PR #334]
  • Fix defaultSortField [PR #333]
  • Refactoring Relationship Methods [PR #331, #332]
  • Fix set default media source on change resource class_key [PR #330]
  • Fix some bugs on manager pages [PR #327]
  • Fix romanian lexicon [PR #324]
  • Added class small in chunk.ms_cart.tpl [PR #319]
  • Added support for *webp images [PR #318]

2.4.18 pl

  • Update chunks for Bootstrap 4.
  • Fixed display of manager tree in MODX 2.7.1
  • [#314] Fixed missing categories for options in settings.
  • [#315] Added romanian lexicon.
  • [#316] Added webp extension for mediaSource.

2.4.17 pl2

  • Fixed load of lexicons in contexts.

2.4.16 pl

  • Fixed possible SQL injections by Agel_Nash
  • Change miniShop2::changeOrderStatus
  • Change "msProductGetListProcessor"

2.4.15 pl

  • Added new events: "msOnBeforeGetOrderCustomer", "msOnGetOrderCustomer"
  • Change miniShop2::getCustomerId
  • Change submit::msOrderHandler
  • Change getDeliveryRequiresFields::msOrderHandler

2.4.14 pl

  • Change miniShop2.combo.Options
  • Fixed msCategoryOption permission
  • Added new events: "msOnBeforeSaveOrder" and "msOnSaveOrder"
  • Change receiver validate
  • Fixed size gallery [js]
  • Fixed height options tree [js]
  • Change msProductData::saveProductOptions()
  • Change key index prefix length to 191 from 255
  • Change new installs to create tables with "InnoDB" engine

2.4.13 pl

  • Added "payment_link" in the snippet msGetOrder.
  • Fixed "cultureKey" option
  • Added new event: "msOnGetStatusCart".
  • Change Order submit js.
  • Fixed msProductData::loadOptions().
  • Added ukrainian lexicon.

2.4.12 pl

  • Added dutch lexicons by Sterc
  • Added greek frontend lexicon
  • When you change the price of a product with msOnGetProductPrice, the old_price will be changed only if the new price is lower.
  • Fixed method msProductData:rankProductImages()

2.4.11 pl

  • Fixed default path to loading services in the loadCustomClasses() method.
  • Update the cost of an orders after product addition.
  • Improved processing of products options.
  • Removed call of ms2Gallery::syncFiles() from msProductData::updateProductImage().
  • [mgr] Add contexts list into filters at the orders page.
  • [mgr] Fixed possible error on get orders statuses list.
  • [mgr] Fix "xcheckbox" in a Product options.
  • [mgr] Add "expand,collapse,check,uncheck" actions to the categories and options trees.

2.4.10 pl

  • Fixed possible E_WARNING in the snippet msOrder.
  • Added events in the processors of msOrderProduct.

2.4.9 pl

  • Improved loading of pdoTools in snippets

2.4.8 pl

  • Added support of ms2Gallery 2.0.
  • Media source option "thumbnails" now uses key of array with parameters as alias for thumbnail.
  • Removed system setting "ms2_product_thumbnail_size".
  • Fixed bug of gallery with drag-over in Firefox.

2.4.7 pl

  • Fixed the loading of product plugins when they can be loaded multiple times.
  • Fixed fatal error on get classes in settings with some 3rd party payment methods.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect rank of thumbnails after a sorting.

2.4.6 pl

  • Added the checking of users email when getting a customer id for new order.
  • Improved compatibility with MODX 2.5.2.

2.4.5 pl

  • Fixed possible error in log on create a new product from cli mode.
  • Updated jGrowl to version 1.4.5.

2.4.4 pl

  • [#242] Ability to specify only needed options in the snippet msProductOptions.
  • [#212, #241] Fixed handling of a product options with a dot in the name.
  • [#240] Fixed the reset of date fields when product has been edited via category grid.
  • [#239] Fixed duplicate and empty options in msProductData.
  • [#229, #238] Categories tree now respects the "resource_tree_node_name_fallback" system setting.

2.4.3 pl

  • [#237] Fixed msProductData::get('options') method.
  • [#236] Ability to display category columns of an ordered product.
  • [#231] Snippet msOptions now transfers id of a product into a chunk.
  • [#230] Fixed the inability to change vendor of a product more than 1 times.
  • [#228] Possible fix for "empty file" in product gallery on some server configurations.
  • [#227] Improved performance of the grid with options in settings.

2.4.2 pl

  • Fixed error when system setting "ms2_product_tab_gallery" is disabled.

2.4.1 pl2

  • Fixed error with overwrite product options when update from category grid.

2.4.0 pl

  • [#222] Optimized some code in chunks.

2.4.0 rc11

  • [msGallery] Improved fetching of thumbnails in the snippet.
  • [#220] [mgr] Improved the total numbers in the form of orders.

2.4.0 rc10

  • msPaymentHandler::getOrderHash() now includes order num.

2.4.0 rc9

  • [#215] Ability to specify working context for cart.

2.4.0 rc8

  • [#218] The product options are active immediately after assigning them to categories.

2.4.0 rc7

  • Reverted back #216 due to issues.
  • [#216] [msGetOrder] Need to update pdoTools to version 2.5.6-pl to fix this.
  • [msGetOrder] Orders are show to all if parameter &id is set.
  • [mgr] Fixed number of rows in orders panel.

2.4.0 rc6

  • [#216] [msGetOrder] Fixed ability to &includeTVs.

2.4.0 rc5

  • Removed wrong "requires" field in msPayment settings.

2.4.0 rc4

  • Improved migration of system settings when upgrade from older versions.

2.4.0 rc3

  • [msGallery] Improved snippet in case when product has no media source set.
  • Fixed work with autocomplete product options.

2.4.0 rc2

  • Fixed duplicate of order number in msOrderHandler.

2.4.0 rc1

  • Fixed loop error on change class key from modResource to msProduct.

2.4.0 rc

  • All snippets are completely rewritten.
  • All chunks uses Fenom syntax.
  • Improved compatibility with MySQL 5.7.
  • Improved orders form panel.
  • [msOrder] Removed chunks, tpl.msOrder.payment and tpl.msOrder.success.
  • [msOrder] Chunk tpl.msOrder.outer renamed to tpl.msOrder.
  • [msOrder] New parameter &userFields.
  • [msCart] Removed chunks tpl.msCart.row and tpl.msCart.empty.
  • [msCart] Chunk tpl.msCart.outer renamed to tpl.msCart.
  • [msGetOrder] Now acts as usual snippet and do not set placeholders to the page by default.
  • [msGetOrder] Removed chunk tpl.msGetOrder.row.
  • [msGetOrder] Added chunk tpl.msGetOrder.
  • [msOptions] Removed chunks tpl.msOptions.outer and tpl.msOptions.row.
  • [msOptions] Added chunk tpl.msOptions.
  • [msProductOptions] Removed chunks tpl.msProductOptions.outer and tpl.msProductOptions.row.
  • [msProductOptions] Added chunk tpl.msProductOptions.
  • [msGallery] Removed chunks tpl.msGallery.outer, tpl.msGallery.row and tpl.msGallery.empty.
  • [msGallery] Added chunk tpl.msGallery.
  • [msGallery] Added Fotorama script out from the box.
  • Improved email chunks. Added common email template.

2.4.0 beta3

  • Small improvements of product gallery.
  • Improved ExtJS settings panel.

2.4.0 beta2

  • Added system setting "ms2_template_category_default".
  • Improved referrals registration.
  • Improved ExtJS product panel.
  • Emails chunks are now processed by pdoTools.
  • Replaced modX::toJSON and modX::fromJSON calls to native functions.
  • New system to register 3rd party classes of extensions.
  • New system to register 3rd party plugins for objects model.
  • Improved duplicate of products and categories.
  • The data fields of the product are added to the tags of the resource: , etc.
  • Improved registration of JS and CSS on frontend.
  • Javascript callbacks now are arrays with functions. New functions to register and remove callbacks.
  • Updated model for MySQL 5.7.
  • Improved product gallery.
  • New logo.

2.4.0 beta1

  • Improved categories with products.
  • Improved menu of categories in resources tree.
  • Ability to change class_key of category.
  • Many improvements of ExtJS category panel and products grid.
  • Setting ms2_category_content_default is now empty by default.

2.4.0 beta0

  • Fixed php type of "article" in msProductData xPDO object.
  • Improved orders panel.
  • Updated builder.
  • Added icons for CRCs in managers tree.
  • Minimum version is MODX 2.3.

2.2.0 pl2

  • ID for Category's options tab
  • Fix installation for MODX 2.4.0
  • msProductOptions product property

2.2.0 beta4

  • Category pagination fix.
  • Fixed bug removal options when modifying and generating images of products
  • Don't display tplOuter when all options are empty with hideEmpty=1

2.2.0 beta3

  • Measure units for options.
  • Restrictions for option names.
  • Superboxselect and checkbox option types.
  • Fixed bug with empty options after modResource save.

2.2.0 beta2

  • Groups of options support.
  • hideEmpty parameter in msProductOptions snippet.
  • Fixed some bugs.

2.2.0 beta

  • Custom product options support. More info at
  • Fixed TV showing under content.
  • Some code refactoring.

2.1.12 pl

  • Improved installation script for MODX 2.4.

2.1.11 pl

  • Added new events: "msOnBeforeGetOrderCost" and "msOnGetOrderCost".
  • [mgr] Direct links to orders in manager.

2.1.10 pl1

  • Added support of Tickets 1.6.
  • Updated pdoTools version in the installer.

2.1.9 beta

  • Fixed modification of order price by delivery and payment in default order handler.
  • Fixed processing of decimal prices in PayPal payment class.
  • Improved chunk tpl.msOrder.payment.

2.1.8 pl3

  • Fixed controllers for MODX 2.3.
  • Fixed routes to processors for MODX 2.3.
  • Fixed product getlist processor for MODX 2.3.
  • Fixed sorting products in category grid by clicking on column header.
  • Disabled Bootstrap icons for MODX 2.3.
  • Fixed product gallery for MODX 2.3.
  • Fixed issue with deleting product files children in MODX 2.3.
  • Fixed "autocomplete_err_noquery" error in MODX 2.3.
  • [#148] Fixed duplicate connector.
  • Fixed work of "minishop2-combo-user" in MODX 2.3.

2.1.8 beta

  • Added field "name" in object msOrderProduct for storing pagetitle of the product.
  • Fixed log level in PayPal method.
  • Added integer field "type" to msOrder.
  • Fixed CustomerProfile connection in schema.
  • Improved price and weight formatting in orders table.
  • Some UI improvements and fixes.

2.1.7 pl5

  • [#131] Fixed update of product thumb when you update thumbnails.
  • [#129] [msGetOrder] Fixed setting of placeholders.
  • Fixed work with comments on product panel.
  • [msOrder] Now snippet loads "building", "room" and "comment" from extended field of users profile.
  • [mgr] Fixed parameter "maxUploadSize" in gallery.

2.1.7 pl1

  • [#119] Improved compatibility with AjaxManager.
  • [#118] Fixed negative cost in payment and delivery methods.
  • [#113] Added Lithuanian lexicons.
  • [#112] Restrict cart items to specific contexts.
  • [#111] Fixed remove of products links.
  • [#107] Fixed empty customer field if fullname is not specified.
  • [#106] Additional check of friendly filename in gallery.
  • New system setting "ms2_category_remember_grid".

2.1.6 pl4

  • [#110] Fix generate thumbs on upload for Amazon S3.
  • Fixed counting money spent in new customers.
  • [#104] Fixed placeholder in emails.
  • [#102] Improved checking of thumbnails url.
  • [#98] Refactored permissions in processors.
  • [#94] Formatted placeholder in snippet msCart
  • [#78] Fixed setting flag isfolder to false for old category of the product.
  • Fixed handling of non-ajax requests.
  • Removed unnecessary ajax request on add to cart. Fixed possibly E_NOTICE.

2.1.5 pl

  • Improved rename of files in gallery.
  • Added default media source in product "create" processor.
  • Added default template in product "create" processor.
  • Added buttons in orders management page.

2.1.4 pl5

  • Added script for import products in core/components/minishop2/import/csv.php.
  • Fixed icons in chunks.
  • [#95] Fixed price and weight format.
  • Improved installator. Now you can update chunks on install.
  • Fixed possible errors on thumbnail generation.
  • Progressive thumbnails in gallery.

2.1.3 pl2

  • Support Bootstrap3.
  • Fixed E_WARNING in snippet msOptions.
  • Fixed bug with php-apc on create order.

2.1.2 pl2

  • Fixed possibly E_NOTICE in snippets.

2.1.2 pl

  • [#77] Fixed change type of existing resource to "msProduct".
  • Added ability to hide tabs of product page in manager. See new system settings.
  • Improved style of horizontal product tabs.
  • Improved proportions in settings tab of category.
  • Improved rename of product images.
  • Improved retrieving of first thumbnail of image in gallery.
  • If you specified wrong "ms2_product_thumbnail_size" parameter, gallery will still work.
  • Added support of non-image files in gallery.
  • Improved snippet "msGallery" for display non-image files.
  • [#84] Fixed displaying of email of vendor in manager.

2.1.1 pl2

  • Fixed parameter "&parents" in msProducts.

2.1.1 pl

  • Snippet msProducts supports pdoTools 1.8.0. Parameter "&showHidden" enabled by default.
  • Fixed fatal error with "clearCache" when msProduct created trough processor and it`s parent is not msCategory.
  • Improved generation of thumbnails.

2.1.1 pl

  • Fixed access permissions tab on product update.
  • Fixed getPrice and getWeight calls in snippet msProducts.
  • Improved xtype "minishop2-combo-user".
  • Added support of component "msDiscount".
  • Added counting of total spent sum by every customer in msCustomerProfile.

2.1.0 pl2

  • Fixed placeholders on msProduct page due to issues with @INLINE chunks.

2.1.0 pl1

  • Added new events: "msOnGetProductPrice" and "msOnGetProductWeight".
  • Fixed wrong events in database from previous release.
  • Changed "vendor_" to "vendor." in msProduct::toArray() for sameness with the snippet msProducts.
  • Moved all logic from old action.php to new plugin. File leaved for compatibility with users modified javascript.

2.1.0 pl

  • Changed default sort in goods grid on "menuindex, ASC".
  • Improved method msDelivery::getCost().
  • Added method msPayment::getCost().
  • Improved method msOrderHandler::getCost(). Now you can specify additional percent for delivery and payment in manager.
  • New object "msCustomerProfile". It can be extended by plugins like "msProductData".
  • Plugin "miniShop2" can automatic save referrers.
  • In snippet "msProducts" you can override "where", "select", "leftJoin", "innerJoin" and "rightJoin" properties. Added pdoFetch 1.4.1 support.
  • Improved other snippets.
  • Added new fields in "msProductFile": "hash" for sha1 of file and json field "properties".
  • Changed uploader in product gallery to "Plupload" (Thanks to Alex Rahimov).
  • Added check for duplicate images in product gallery by checking hash of the content of file.
  • Added new parameters for media source: "maxUploadWidth" and "maxUploadHeight" for frontend image resize.
  • Gallery upload processor now can receive parameters "id" and "file" for external images upload.
  • Added renaming files of product gallery together with thumbnails.
  • [#77] Fixed changing type of existing resource to "msCategory".
  • [#76] Fixed parameter "offset" in msGallery.
  • [#75] Remove multi-category links when category removed.
  • [#74] Refresh data in order from users profile if he is authenticated.
  • [#73] Added virtual vendor fields. You can get it by $res->get('vendor_name');
  • [#66] Fixed saving payments methods when create a new delivery.
  • [#65] Added new system events: "msOnBeforeValidateOrderValue" and "msOnValidateOrderValue".
  • [#64] Added ability to stop switching order status from system plugin.
  • [#63] Added new parameters for media source: "imageNameType". Switching to "friendly" will generate names for uploaded files by FURLs algorithm.
  • [#61] Added ability to sort products in category by drag and drop.
  • [#62] Fixed work with "*.gif" files in products gallery.
  • [#59] Improved regular expression for email verification.
  • [#59] Improved validation of customer name and email when create order.
  • [#59] msOrderHandler::add() now can return an error.
  • [#59] Improved registration of javascript on frontend.
  • [#59] Improved show\hide of msMiniCart with css.
  • [#59] Refactored default frontend javascript.
  • [#59] Works with no javascript. (Thanks to Alexey Kartashov)
  • [#58] Fixed PayPal non-USD currency.
  • [#56] Added JSON field "properties" to "msProductFile".
  • [#52] Added ability to customize orders in manager by 3 system setting: "ms2_order_grid_fields", "ms2_order_address_fields" and "ms2_order_product_fields".
  • [#50] Fixed checking of the existence of the Tickets component.
  • [#5] Possible fixed "Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are active" on php < 5.3.
  • Some fixes for MySql STRICT_TRANS_TABLES mode.
  • Updated jQuery to version 1.10.2
  • Added method PayPal::getPaymentLink() for continuing interrupted payment process. You will see in emails.
  • Added parameters "&tplSingle" and "&toSeparatePlaceholders" to snippet msGallery.
  • Gallery UI improvements for MODX 2.2.9
  • Returned action.php for backward compatibility with the old javascript

2.0.1 pl3

  • Added german lexicon.
  • Now you can specify version of file in "ms2_frontend_js".
  • [#60] Fixed type of field "index" in "msOrder".
  • Improved listing of products in the categories of manager.

2.0.1 pl2

  • Improved submit of order form.
  • msProducts saves order of ids received through &resources=``. It need for smooth work with mSearch4.
  • [mgr] Fixed search in vendors combo

2.0.1 pl1

  • Added loading of lexicons for 3rd party payment methods. They must be named in "" format.
  • Added placeholder in the new user email. It will work only if payment method has function getPaymentLink(msOrder $order);
  • Removed placeholder from product page because of issues.
  • [#53] Completely refactored call and processing plugin events.
  • [#45] Added system setting for specify default content of category.

2.0.1 pl

  • Added 2 new events on order remove: "msOnBeforeRemoveOrder" and "msOnRemoveOrder".
  • Improved classes: "msProduct" and "msCategory". Now $modx->getCollection('msProduct'); returns only products.

2.0.1 beta3

  • Fixed msGallery

2.0.1 beta2

  • [#44] Enabled duplicate of category.
  • [#42] Added parameter "returnIds" to snippet msProducts.
  • [#41] Fixed panel with tvs on product create.
  • Parameter "resources" not suppressing "parents" in msProducts anymore. Now they working together: resources that are not in parents will not be returned.
  • Snippet msGallery now can to display placeholders like or .
  • Fixed display an original image in msGallery. If upgrade, replace placeholders to in chunk "tpl.msGallery.row" manually.
  • Added setting placeholder to snippets msGallery and msProducts.
  • Added parameter "where" in snippet msGallery, for specify JSON encoded string with additional query data.
  • Added parameters "limit" and "offset" for pagination. msGallery can be used with getPage now.

2.0.1 beta1

  • Maybe fixed bug with php-apc and sessions
  • Fixed plugin params on events "msOnBeforeCreateOrder" and "msOnCreateOrder". Now you can change $msOrder by link.
  • Fixed error with no changing status of order in manager.

2.0.1 beta

  • [#38] Added "menuindex" in product fields.
  • [#37] Ability to override method miniShop2::changeOrderStatus() in custom order class.
  • [#36] Removed filter_var(), because of issues on stupid hostings.
  • [#35] Added 2 system setting to enable or disable the remembering of panel tabs.
  • [#32] Enabled displaying of errors when uploading files in product gallery.
  • [#30] "miniShopManagerPolicy" is automatically assigned to a group "Administrators".
  • [#29] Added verification of object instance, when loading neighborhood resources in manager.
  • [#28] Returned the lost fields in images of msGallery.
  • [#27] Improved ajax requests in default javascript.
  • [#26] Improvements of categories tree.
  • [#25] Removed replacing of empty alias to id. Added 2 system setting for switching using resource id as alias for categories and products.
  • Fixed quick fields in snippet msOrder. Update your chunks for delivery and payment methods.
  • Improved "totalVar" placeholder in snippet msGallery.
  • Fixed model. Added proper primary keys for xPDOObjects.
  • Ability to load only "miniShop2Config" object on frontend, without default javascript and jQuery.
  • Fixed parameter "depth" in snippet "msProducts".
  • New permissions for work with order: "save" and "view". New events for update order.
  • Added ability to add\update\remove products in order.

2.0.0 pl3

  • Compatibility with pdoTools 1.2.0

2.0.0 pl2

  • [mgr] Fixed formatting of dates in category grid.
  • [mgr] Fixed decimals in product category grid.
  • Added ability to create system setting "ms2_cart_max_count" to override maximum number of products for one operation.
  • Fixed placeholders in emails subjects.
  • Fixed generation of thumbnails in gallery for working with ImageMagick.
  • Fixed link type "Many to many".
  • Fixed requirement of non-existing permission "update_document" in processors.
  • Added system setting "ms2_price_snippet" for modification of product price.
  • Added system setting "ms2_weight_snippet" for modification of product weight.
  • Product key in msCartHandler now generates with using "$price" and "$weight", because they can be modified when adding to cart.

2.0.0 pl1

  • [mgr] Changing of product image now cleans its cache.
  • [mgr] New icons in tree
  • Small improvements of the snippets at initialization.
  • Added selection of product links in snippet msProducts. See the new snippet properties.
  • Added ability to use msProducts with any modResource class.
  • Added property "tvPrefix" to msProducts for compatibility with getResources.
  • Added property "outputSeparator" to snippets msOptions and msProducts.
  • Added system parameter "ms2_price_format" for specifying how to format price of product.
  • Added system parameter "ms2_price_format_no_zeros" for optional removing extra zeros at the end of price.
  • Added system parameter "ms2_weight_format" for specifying how to format weight of product.
  • Added system parameter "ms2_weight_format_no_zeros" for optional removing extra zeros at the end of weight.

2.0.0 rc6

  • Fixed cleaning pdoTools in msGallery
  • Improved saving payment method in order when quickly switch delivery.

2.0.0 rc5

  • Integration of PayPal express-checkout payment method.

2.0.0 rc4

  • Fixed bugs in snippets
  • Fixed joining images by rank when includeThumbs.

2.0.0 rc

  • [mgr] Added displaying of nested products in categories. System setting "ms2_category_show_nested_products" can disable it.
  • [mgr] Added the ability to link products together.
  • [mgr] Added link to resource from ordered products.
  • [mgr] Added ability to specify web document for Vendor by property "resource".
  • [#6] Fixed error when order makes authenticated user without email.
  • [#8] Fixed remove of order.
  • [#9] Fixed date formatting in manager for working in Firefox.
  • [#10] Added checking for negative value of adding products in cart.
  • [#12] Added regeneration site maps after new product create.
  • [#14] Added check of "register_globals" on cart/add.
  • Added system setting "ms2_product_thumbnail_size" for setting default size of product thumbnail.
  • Added vendor placeholders on product page. Now you can use , etc.
  • Added beta scripts for console converting miniShop1 to miniShop2.
  • Added partial french translation.
  • Added method miniShop2::getTagged() from MS1.
  • Added ability to load plugins, that can add new or overload existing product fields in model and manager.
  • Added parameters for joining thumbnails and tvs in snippets msProducts, msCart and msGetOrder.
  • Improved save of product options.
  • Fixed automatic install of pdoTools.
  • Fixed fetching images in snippet msGallery
  • Other fixes and improvements.

2.0.0 beta-1

  • Added manager pages
  • Added create and manage orders

2.0.0 beta-0

  • Initial release.

Current Releases

November 30, 2022
2.0 – 2.8
September 6, 2022
2.0 – Current
July 4, 2022
2.0 – Current
June 17, 2022
2.0 – Current
June 13, 2022
2.0 – Current
June 8, 2022
2.0 – Current
May 30, 2022
2.0 – Current
May 20, 2022
2.0 – Current
April 27, 2022
2.0 – Current
October 16, 2021
2.0 – Current
September 27, 2021
2.0 – Current
September 12, 2021
2.0 – Current
August 25, 2021
2.0 – Current
April 1, 2021
2.0 – Current
March 15, 2021
2.3 – Current
February 14, 2021
2.3 – Current
January 27, 2021
2.3 – Current
December 16, 2020
2.3 – Current
December 8, 2020
2.3 – Current
September 14, 2019
2.3 – Current
March 17, 2019
2.3 – Current
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