modAjaxify a simple ajax page loader 1.3.7-beta

modAjaxify a simple ajax page loader 1.3.7-beta

Released Mar 16, 2018 by halvid

The modAjaxify Extra automatically parses any (or selected) content links and ajaxifies them without destroying the actual link which makes it SEO friendly. That means that if the link is clicked the page will not be reloaded but the link will be loaded with ajax in a specific container (html element) as configured by the developer. Although if you open the link in a new tab it will load normally.

modAjaxify is mainly a jquery plugin which is strongly coupled with MODX Revolution. Nevertheless it can be used on its own as a plain jquery plugin.

The plugin has many options to control where and what to ajaxify and also events that signify the start/progress/end of loading which is very useful for creating loading spinners.

Another useful feature of the plugin is that is able to preload any content images before rendering the content in the target container.

Demo and documentation can be found here

Download 22kb (56 downloads)
Downloads: 1,960
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.4.x or greater
Supports mysql

What it does:

  • Any link within a designated container (default is body) will function as an ajax link.

  • It can load the content of the links in different containers with simple html annotation (eg. any link with the property context will load the content in the container with id as provided through this property)

  • It preloads images before rendering the content

  • It provides callbacks for custom renderer

  • It provides callbacks for custom loaders

  • Supports ajax submit for forms

  • Supports different menus by placing the ‘active’ class in the clicked menu option

  • Supports callbacks for handling preloading when a page url is called directly (not through ajax)

  • Supports retina images preload for boosting performance

  • Supports image lazy loading, using separate tiny images as preloaders 

  • Build in Google Analytics support

  • The MODX plugin makes sure that will output only the necessary content of the page striping out everything else. This technique boosts the performance of the website.

Installation Instructions

This Extra can be started with zero configuration just by placing the [[$ajaxifyInit]] in the head of the template.

The chunk contains also a demo spinner as a loading alert.

For information visit (this page is also an example of usage):

For any bugs please report at info[at]






The Extra comes with an init chunk so you don’t have to worry about the dependencies. The chunk makes a jquery check to avoid any conflicts. We strongly recommend to check  the depended js libraries which are included by the chunk in case the create some kind of conflict with your code.

Changelog for modAjaxify MODx Revolution.

modAjaxify 0.8


- First beta version

Test it on Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Android, iOS 

2015.7.9 modAjaxify 1.0.0-beta


-Added param for excluding links from been ajaxed based on the extention of the url. This takes care for links that include attachments

-Added jquery existance check

-Added sample css spiner

2015.9.24 modAjaxify 1.2.0-beta


-Added handling for first page loading

-Added retina image preload

-Fixed bug regarding missing images in ajax loaded pages

-Fixed bug on links without href

2015.12.16 modAjaxify 1.3.0-beta


-Bug fixed related to the automated activation of menu items. In some cases was failyng whenver full paths were used.

2015.12.24 modAjaxify 1.3.1-beta


-Bug fixed for handler onSuccess, the 'this' reference was null now it refers to the container that will render the loaded content.

2016.1.7 modAjaxify 1.3.1-beta


-Bug fixed for handling non-friendly urls

2016.2.9 modAjaxify 1.3.1-beta


-Minor bug fixes

-Easy google analytics support

2016.6.24 modAjaxify 1.3.5-beta


-Minor bug fixes concerning images with undefined src

-Added disable option for omiting forms during ajax calls

-Easy google analytics support

2016.12.29 modAjaxify 1.3.6-beta


-Minor bug fixes concerning images with wrong src

-Changed name of demo chunk so that you will not loose any changes that you may have done in the previos instalation.

2018.3.16 modAjaxify 1.3.7-beta


-Major bug fixe concerning jquery.history.js CDN

-Add image lazy loading capability with deticated small images as preloaders

Version Released Author Downloads
9 Versions 1 Contributors 1,961 Downloads
1.3.6-beta Dec, 29 2016 halvid 445
1.3.5-beta Jun, 24 2016 halvid 289
1.3.2-beta Feb, 09 2016 halvid 280
1.3.1-beta Dec, 24 2015 halvid 212
1.3.0-beta Dec, 16 2015 halvid 139
1.2.0-beta Oct, 01 2015 halvid 228
1.0.0-beta Sep, 17 2015 halvid 132
0.9.9-beta Sep, 10 2015 halvid 180