Modbak 0.9.4

Modbak 0.9.4

Released Mar 16, 2007 by
Here is a module to backup your entire MODx based site (files & database) into one .zip file, for a single download.

Useful for backing up and moving from a staging server to production server.

Run it, click generate button, than download .zip file
  • Multiple backups can be kept, just hit generate again.
  • Log data is not inserted into sql dump file to reduce sql bloat

7 Mar 07 - fixed . in sitename
4 Mar 07 - added Table_prefix, restructured code
13 Feb 06 - Added theme look, tested some more, all database tables included, however log data is not inserted.
11 Feb 06 - Updated MODx module( to backup entire modx site including the database tables (by default LOG tables are not included in backup).

Hope it comes in handy.

Rob Stemp Download 41kb (2913 downloads)
Downloads: 5,796
License: LGPL
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Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql
Module to backup an entire MODx site (files AND database) into a .zip.

Installation Instructions

Installation is fairly straightforward.

1. Create a directory on your webserver to hold modx .zip archives (ie /home/username/_backup ) and set read/write permissions to 777
2. Unzip modbak directory under /assets/modules/ directory. --> /assets/modules/modbak
3. Edit /assets/modules/modbak/settings.php, and set $modx_backup_dir to backup dir in new directory created in (1)
4. Create a new Module in MODx manager and copy contents of modbak.module.tpl into module code.
5. Now run module, click generate, if it works there should be a .zip link containing your modx site.


** Fixed: Full Stop . in sitename
Change: added settings.php file
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0.9.2 Mar, 04 2007 stempy 1,017
0.7.0 Jul, 18 2006 stempy 1,870